8th October 2021 - Tap 'N' Tumbler, Nottingham - Well, that's how you reopen a boozer!!!

Being asked by the new landlord of the Tap to play their opening Friday was a huge honour for us....

Arriving there to load in the gear and seeing loads of familiar faces, all smiling and happy to be getting that sense of normality back again, was a real pleasure to see.  The atmosphere felt electric and the warm friendly welcome was still there in abundance....and warm it certainly was!!!!

From the first pickscrape into 'Fight for Your Right to Party' until the big crescendo finish of 'Whole Lotta Rosie', the place was bouncing.......Everyone in there rocking out like it was there first time out in years....for some it even was.

Still recovering from it all now!!  Thanks to Al for trusting in us to kick it all off again with a bang, new sound guy did a great job and the DJ was pumping out some awesome tunes all evening whilst we weren't playing.....

We can safely say....the Tap is back and coming out all guns blazin'!

Thanks to all who came to party with us....and you never know....we might see you in there again sometime this year ;)

7th June 2021 - Update - What's coming up

Hi all, we hope you are all doing well.

Well it's all been a bit bloody boring really, hasn't it?  Hopefully there is good things on the horizon.

The website has been updated with our gigs we have booked in.  As things stand, we are looking to start contacting people to book gigs for 2022 around September time this year, but we are open for bookings for the rest of this year if you do want to get in touch for your event. 

Our one rehearsal so far has gone really well (so we haven't forgotten how to do it :) ) and there are more pencilled in before we take to the stage on 24th July to Headline Saturday night at Leathered in Lincoln rally.

Grab your tickets for that and Gothic Bikers rally in August and come and have a much needed blow-out with ourselves and other great bands providing the soundtrack \m/ \m/

It can't come quick enough!!!

You'll Know When We Do - This is pants
29th February - The Old Wine Vaults - Kickin' off 2020 with a bang!!

Well this is a sorry state of affairs, isn't it!?

Its been almost a full year since we last played live at The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood.  A lot has changed since then for everyone.

Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and we are all praying to the gods of rock that we can at least at some point this year, return to live gigs and socialising with friends in pubs, venues and rallies.

Keep smiling folks, it hopefully wont be forever.

We will return, and you can be sure it'll be one hell of a release when everyone can get back to living again!!!

We wish you well and hope to see you all soon.

Take care folks

Exhibit A

Although we have played a couple of times already this year, The Old Wine Vaults was our first public outing of this year.........and in typical fashion, it was raining whilst we were loading in gear....

That certainly didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm though and by the time we had taken to the stage, the place was full.

It was also long time live music supporter and Entertainments Manager Robert Balmer's birthday shindig!  So it was great to see loads of folks in there enjoying themselves and supporting the great lengths he and the team there go to week in/ week out to put on great entertainment.  Long may that continue.

We had a short break inbetween sets that we don't normally do, but hey, we're easing ourselves back in here! 

A fantastic night all round, thanks to so many people for turning out to see us and great to see so many familiar faces too, we love you all!

Our next public outing is on 27th March at the Victory Club in Beeston....sure to be an epic night.  Cant wait already!  \m/ \m/

20th December - The Tap 'N' Tumbler - Xmas starts here!!
25th October - The Tap 'N' Tumbler - Always a party going on in here!!

A fair amount of time has passed since our last outing, which also happened to be at the Tap......certainly not a bad thing, we love playing there.

Tonight we had Sam on the mixing desk and a fine job she did too, always on the faders and boosting the important bits.  She was great, many thanks to her.

They call it mad Friday in the pub trade and boy, was it heaving!  Clutch had been playing at Rock City too, so the audience swelled further once that show was wrapped up.

We went about our business in the usual fashion.  There was White Christmas and 3 different spontanious versions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Everyone sang along at least, otherwise we would've felt a little daft doing them!

Another thoroughly fantastic gig and we will be back there in 2020 (July is our first visit)

So all that is left to say is a big thank you to all who have come along and caught a performance of ours this year.  It has been another cracking one for us and we've loved every minute of it.

We'll see you all on the otherside, all of us no doubt looking forward to the summer months once again and rally and festival season getting into full flow.

Merry Christmas to all and we hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020 from us all in Exhibit A.

Another Friday night rolls in, and in true fashion the heavens open for us putting gear into our cars.  Thankfully though we only need our backline tonight as we are playing at one of our favourite venues, the Tap N Tumbler!

John had been having a bit of problems with his leg lately, so unfortunately our last appearance at the Stumble Inn had to be cancelled...but health comes first.  Feeling a little better this week and stool at the ready he was ready to try and get through tonight's performance....and he did, top man.

Once the gear was all set up, Tara behind the sliders did us a terrific job once again in getting the mix out front and onstage sounding brilliant.

The audience were all up for it, there was some sort of engagement do going on somewhere so some of the Tap faithful were in, but also a few familiar faces weren't there.  The people who did catch the show more than made up for it, dancing, singing and partying their socks off!  It was a real pleasure to play for you as always.

Bit of a microphone gremlin killed the backing vocals about 2 songs from the end, but we quicly adapted and finished off a great evening. 

Thank you all for coming!

Due to a  schedulling conflict, our gig on 13th Dec is moved into next year, so our next outing is........our Xmas bash at the Tap N Tumbler on the 20th DEC!!!!

Come on down and lets do it all again!!!

12th October - The Old Wine Vaults First Anniversary - Long live the Vaults!!
28th September - Ray's Last Stand, Slappers N Trollops Rally - What a party!!

Always had a great time playing for the great folks who ran The Greyhound in Beeston and it was a sad day when they had to close their doors for the last time.

That didn't kill the passion for live music that they had, and it was announced that The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood would be their new home.

Due to our schedule and the venue's availability it had taken until the first anniversary of their opening for us to grace their stage.

We loaded in and got straight on with getting everything setup and they wasted no time in getting us coming out of their house system and sounding great.  Always a treat when we don't have to bring our PA :)

By the time we were hitting the stage, the venue was looking busy.  It was great to see so many familiar faces, as well as the new folks, and judging by the dancing and partying going on in front of us, it was clear everyone was having a great night.

Thanks to all who turned out to see us and to all at the Wine Vaults for having us celebrate your first birthday with you.

We look forward to returning there in 2020.

Next up, we are visiting Long Eaton to play the Stumble Inn on Oct 19th.

See you there \m/    \m/

Apologies to all who didn't know we were playing this one, but we were under strict instructions to keep all Top Secret.

As this was to be Ray/Dad's last rally, the team at Slappers n Trollops wanted to make it all a big surprise!!  And we are sure it was!!!

Still partying with the best of em at 78 years young, Ray was still up dancing until the finale.

Great seeing good friends again, we all had a really great time and thanks for having us \m/

Next up it IS the Old Wine Vaults at Eastwood.   Our show there marks their first anniversary of getting this top venue up and running and by god they've had some good bands on in there up to now, we feel privaleged to be able to play the first anniversary.

So, if you haven't been over there and checked this place out please do......we are still losing music venues up and down the country at an alarming rate....lets see this one thrive.

See you there

3rd August - The Stumble Inn - Long Eaton - New Venue for us and a great visit.

The recent spell of warm, fine weather was continuing so all was looking good.

Of course we had a shower here and there, we were moving our gear's the law!!

Kerry at the Stumble Inn has been trying to get us in there for quite some time, a couple of years we believe, but whenever she has contacted us with some dates, nothing has ever lined up....until now.

It is rather tight for access, bringing our great big ancient PA with us (might have to rethink that for next time!) and by the time we were set up the tiny corner had been swallowed up and we were actually having to let people past to get to the toilets.  No worries though, we would persevere.

Once we got into the nitty gritty though, we'd soon won people over and they were singing and partying like we enjoy seeing people doing.  It was a warm one, but the gig seemed to fly over as they do and it was soon time to say goodnight.

Thanks to all who came, including Tina from Rock and Bike Fest - good to see you again and certainly a little more relaxed not having a festival to run!

We are back at the Stumble Inn on Oct 19th, so if you missed this one.....get down to the next one \m/ \m/

Next gig is another new venue to us, but it is the new home of the team who ran the Greyhound at Beeston.    The Old Wine Vaults at Eastwood on October 12th.   A short break through September then and we'll be back at it - we've been as punters on our rare evenings off to support band who've already played and it's a great venue, so check it out and come and rock the roof off with us!!

11th July - Rock and Bike Fest  13th July  - Bullfrog Bash - Amazing weekend!!

If Carlsberg did weekends, this one would be it........but they just stick to making crap lager instead!

Rock and Bike Fest was up first and for the first time we played there on the Thursday.  It may be easy to think that this would be the quieter of the three nights, as there will be quite a few that don't arrive until the Friday.

Believe us when we say, that playing the Thursday night absolutely rocked!  Only one stage open, it looked like everyone was in there....the atmosphere was electric.  The hour went by in a blur, but the audience participation, the sheer number that were rammed in to that marquee and the fact it was all filmed for us to look back on made it something special.  We had everyone in there screaming for more as we came off!  Steve Russ who filmed it even said he was blown away by our performance - high praise indeed!

Next up was a ride over to Sleaford Rugby Club to headline the Bullfrog Bash.  This event now in its 4th year is great fun, put on by HA North Lincs.

Once again, everyone in there was having a great night and many got up to dance down at the front with know you're going down well when that happens. 

There was a short break for some spectacular fireworks and then we went back on for around another hour and a half to finish the night off.

A thoroughly awesome weekend.

Next gig is on August 3rd at the Stumble Inn at Long Eaton.  Get some sunshine on you for the rest of the month - then come down and party with us!!

5th July - TAP N TUMBLER - NOTTINGHAM - Warm night and same as always...warm welcome........

We always look forward to our visits to the Tap, it's exactly the pub all of the other rock venues want to be. 

Friday night rolled in and we loaded up and headed over.  Once in, it was great to see we once again had the awesome Tara engineering our sound for the evening.  She overcame a few gremlins with the front of house speakers after an electrician had been in the week prior and switched things about.  Hat's off!

Whoever had set stage monitor levels before was obviously a sicko, with insane amounts of things dialled in.  Once Front of House was taken care of that was quickly addressed....but it was very distracting when we were soundchecking.

No intro tapes tonight - actually quite refreshing to just get up there and crack-on.

The last couple of times we played as a four-piece due to Chris's broken hand/wrist, so it was great to get some of the heavier tunes we're known for back in the set.

It was a great night, a first for us as we ALL played in shorts!  That never usually happens :)

Fantastic time at the Tap, as always, next up......Two Festivals ...One Weekend.

First off on Thursday 11th July we return to the Rock and Bike Festival at Carnfield Hall, South Normanton......then on Saturday 13th July we headline the Bullfrog Bash at Sleaford Rugby's going to be a GREAT weekend!!!

See you out there!!        \m/   \m/

21st June - The 33rd Farmyard Party - What a great crowd, what a great weekend!!........

Since 2015, we have played every Farmyard Party except 2017's and in that time headlined the Rider's Rights Marquee twice.  To be asked back again for this year's was a surprise, and of course, a privilege.


Upon arriving at the gates in separately, each one of us were told "oh so you're in Exhibit A.....well there's been a hell of a lot of people asking about you and they can't wait to see you"..........maybe they do that to everyone, but it's still nice to hear.

But if there was any indication that statement was true, it was the turnout for our set that evening.  People were having to stand outside and listen as it was that packed out, sorry to those folks who couldn't get in!

From the outset, we went for it and the audience lapped up every minute.  The live debut of the Osmond's "Crazy Horses" seemed to go down well and is a nice little addition to our "daft rally section" of our set.

And of course... a fitting tribute to Sam Hart who went on her trike ride to Matlock Bath, one of her last wishes, only the week before who sadly died and to Steph who also recently passed.......with 'Wish You Were Here'   We hope they both ride free RIP.

Finishing with a bang and then off stage as quickly as we seemed to get up there.  But, as ever, we came....we partied...and left you feeling that you had been completely rocked.......we certainly had been, great response and a pleasure to play to you all.   Then the rest of the weekend was spent doing what everyone comes to do, drink and be merry watching the rest of the great entertainment that was laid on.  Thanks to Rick Hulse for once again getting us there, to Pete Walker and the rest of East Yorkshire Mag for putting on this spectacular event, it keeps on getting better!.....and to all who came...we hope you all got home safe and the sore heads weren't too much to bear!


Next up we are at Nottingham's Graceland....the Tap N Tumbler.  A venue that needs no introductions as far as live and in your face rock  music is concerned........Friday 5th July....don't miss it!!

1st June - Kingswood Tavern, Nuneaton - Working up a sweat!!........

Yep, in between certain spells of rain (us moving our gear about again) Saturday was certainly a warm one.


We had a chance after arrival to grab a bit of fresh air out the front of the pub before unloading the van and setting up.

Champion's League Final and Boxing later, we weren't holding our breath for a good turnout - but how wrong we were!!  It's good to see there are people out there who'd much prefer an evening of live music over watching some over-paid nancy boys kicking a bag of air about.  Great stuff!

We kicked off proceedings and it was great to see everyone up dancing and having a good time, even the two fellas who stripped down to their knicks - well, it was hot!

We got all had a great time and the gig seemed to fly past.

Many thanks to all who came and partied and we'll see you all back there on Nov 8th!

Next up is a private booking - but after that..............We are honoured to be once again playing the Yorkshire MAG's Farmyard Party.  We headlined the 2016 30th Anniversary and 2018's FYP on the Rider's Rights stage, so it came as a nice surprise to be there once more.....but they know their great music and we are more than happy to get up there and dish it out!!

Catch out show 8:30 - 10pm on the Rider's Rights Stage  Friday 21st June.    See you there!!!!!

18th May - Salutation MCC One Nighter - Great party and venue........

Salutation MCC aren't a club we know a lot about.  They have seen us play at various rallies at different locations and approached us to play at this One Nighter party that also doubled up as a 50th birthday celebration.

Birch Coppice Sports and Social Club where this was being held is nice and easy to get to.  Just off the M42 on the A5 towards Nuneaton, at the first roundabout double-back on yourself and you're there.

We could get the van and cars right up by the stage door and once through everything was close by.  We like load-ins like this :-)

Setup and soundcheck was completed nice and swiftly and then we had time to chat and chill out whilst the sun was going down.

We kicked off the gig and there were a few songs that hadn't had their legs stretched for a while that got an airing, but we also had something else up our sleeves.  At the rehearsal that week we had been fumbling our way through learning a new song.  One that fits in to the 'Nelly the Elephant' section of our set quite nicely.........we'll not spoil it by telling you what it is, but you will hear this being played at our upcoming gigs....whether it remains as a permanent set fixture only time (and your reactions) will tell......but it did go down very well tonight.

A great time had by all, a nice smooth load out and an easy ride back home.  If only every gig was the same!!

Next up we are back in Warwickshire once again to play for the good patrons of the Kingswood Tavern.......always another good night....see you there!!

11th May - You've Been Nabbed 28 - The Best of Times with the Best of People........

Definitely one of the highlights of our gig calendar this year.

Three of us made our way up in to Cheshire on Friday to set up camp.  Sadly John and Sam had other commitments that wouldn't allow them to stay over, but they joined us on the Saturday.

The NABD rally is always great fun.  Amongst the best bands is also Rick Hulse's awesome Smacked Arse Comedy Show which host top comedians for our afternoon's entertainment.  Troy Hawke again was another highlight and Duncan Oakley was a great headliner.

Earlier that day Chris teamed up with Stevie Simpson and Steph Hoy to form La Magia De Tres!  A quick 'back of a fag packet' sketch and they were up performing a few interesting songs to start warming up the audience in preparation for the comedy show.

Then over at the Family Marquee he also opened the musical proceedings there with a 45 min set of well known favourites from all genres.

Next up were young band, Tongue of Fire who played some cracking tunes and were extremely well rehearsed and sounded great.

Just before our headline spot, Rubicon performed a cracking set whilst at the same time our friends Fifth Element were performing over in the Adults Only Marquee so went over to catch around 30 mins of that before it was time to start loading in our gear in preparation for a quick change over.

Stevie Simpson gave us a wonderful introduction and we got stuck in.  Great to see pretty much a full tent and all in there enjoying themselves.  Rick and Mandy dropped in to catch a bit of us playing to which we are grateful for.

All in all, another stonking weekend spent with great people.  Thanks to all of the volunteer marshals, to Rick for having us again and to Stevie for hosting us.

Always the best fun.

Next up we are partying with the Salutation MCC at their One Nighter party on the 18th May.  So if you're going .....see you there!!!

19th April - Three Tribes Easter Rally - They've only organised a piss up in a brewery!!!........

A fine evening's weather and the start of a Bank Holiday Weekend.....can't be bad!

After a pleasant jaunt along the A38 we found ourselves in Burton on Trent, and Shobnall Road....but this time it wasn't to go to the Rock Bar with the fantastic Unwanted MCC, no....this time it was across the road in Marston Brewery's Sports and Social Club for the Three Tribes Rally.

A fine site to hold a rally by the looks of things......

Gear load in was nice and easy as we could get right up to the stage door, and Steve from Sound Junkies was on hand to get us mic'ed up and sounding good out front.  Second time we've worked with him and he's a very professional guy, not leaving the desk for the entire gig and boosting and cutting faders when required to make sure bands like us can sound our absolute best.  A big thank you to him :-)

Showtime came around and our logo was projected up behind us on a big screen, always looks cool that....and then it was business as usual.

The rally attendees were bang up for a party and were on the dancefloor from the word go.  Two and a half hours later they had been thoroughly rocked \m/

We had a great time, thanks to Maria and all of the Three Tribes organisers for having us back.......we hope to party with you all again soon :)

Next up......can't quite believe we're in to full on rally season's YOU'VE BEEN NABBED 28!!!  Catch us in the Family Marquee on Saturday night for our headline spot..........but wait.......There's also a solo acoustic performance from Chris on that very stage in the early be sure to go along to that too, he may even pop up elsewhere with a guitar..... so keep your eyes peeled!

We love the NABD and feel honoured to be asked back again to do what we do best, blow the bloody roof of bike rally marquees.   So dig out your best rally hats and tankards, coz its gonna be a party and a half \m/ \m/

22nd March - Twitchel Inn, Long Eaton - Back in black........

Tonight was always going to be good, as were back to a full line-up.

It's a little tricky to get at this venue if all truth be told, but they are always hosting good bands and we took the decision to block the road briefly whilst the gear was manhandled in through the stage door.  The Long Eatonians (if that's a term) must be used to it by now!

Once everything was put together we got a smooth soundcheck out of the way.  Steve Russ had turned up to capture us on video, his videos are always great and there was no pressure to get the songs right (lol) some of them we had not even played together in around 6 months!

It all came good in the end though, thank you to the people who did turn up to party with us, and also to the passers by who wandered in and then didn't want to leave. 

It was smiles all around having us all back on there and we slotted back into things as if there'd been no break at all.

Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks to Ben from Rock and Bike Fest and to the staff at the Twitchel.  (Whilst we were packing down our gear, they tried not to huff too loudly, there is a bloody lot of it!! :)

Next up we are playing a private bash, if you're invited....great, see you there, if not then we will next be playing at the Three Tribes Easter Rally at Marstons Sports and Social Club, Shobnall Rd, Burton on Trent on the 19th April.

See you out there!!!!

1st March - Tap N Tumbler - High volume and great times........
23rd February - Gothic Bikers MCC Rock Night - What a way to kick off our 2019 gig calendar........

Always a pleasure visiting the Tap.

Great to see so many people in there enjoying themselves as usual.

We had a bit of a shaky start due to some electrical gremlins with the sound system, but they managed to tackle them and we were sorted by the end of soundcheck.

Then it was just business as usual.....and business is good!  Thanks to Bob and team as ever for having us on, and to all the lovely people who turned out to party with us.

Excellent stuff.

Next up we play the Twitchel Inn at Long Eaton on the 22nd.  Please all come down and support live music - you never know who might show up! :)


Sadly things have not being going well in the healing of Chris's injury after his bike crash, but the cast is now off and hopefully with a bit of physio he'll be making a return asap.

What a start to the year for us though!  The events that are put on by Gothic Bikers are always great fun, and at the new Rifle Volunteer venue at Skegby you could tell everyone was ready to let their hair down and rock out.

Still a strong set, even minus some of the favorites you might be used to hearing us do, and from front to back of the room everyone was joining in and up on the dance floor which we love to see.

Great to see lots of familiar faces, we appreciate you turning out to see us and you know we'll always raise the roof and guarantee a great night.

Thanks to Gothic Bikers for hosting us once again, the club is going from strength to strength and always a pleasure to see you all.

Next up we return to the Tap N Tumbler in Nottingham on Friday 1st March, we are very much looking forward to it.

See you there \m/