15th December - Xmas Shindig 2017 - Tap N Tumbler, Nottingham - It's Christmasssssssss!!!!!!!....

Yes kiddies, it is that special time of year again, when children find it hard to get to sleep and Jack Frost nips at your nose.

We were excited as ever to be playing the Tap, as well as seeing all our good friends there.

Chris dropped his stuff off early to get shot of the car, got drawn in to a bit of a party and then caught the tram back into town!  Phew, that was close.

Most other band members was also planning on enjoy a drink or three as well, so the travel arrangements were a bit different to normal.

The gear was in, set up and soundchecked with the very talented Tara on the faders and knobs, always a pleasure having her do our sound, thanks Tara!

I don't think we've seen the Tap as busy as it was last night for a long time!  It was absolutely packed to the rafters. 

We thundered through close to 30 songs, with all of the partygoers baying for more.

What an amazing night!  Thanks to all who came down, you made our Christmas.  We will be live at the Tap again next year.

All that is left to say is Wow, what a year!  Thanks for all of the support from fans new and old, we will see you for more of the same in 2018.  Merry Xmas to you and your families and we wish you a prosperous 2018!

Thank you

2nd December - The Frog Above the Swan - Worksop - Another rocking night in North Notts....

It had been a since Halloween with the Slapper N Trollops that we last played live.  We had got together for a quick practice on the Thursday to refresh our memories and were raring to go for the gig.

So after loading up and making our way up to Worksop, we all converged upon the Swan Inn tucked away up Castle Street.  There were already a few in enjoying a drink and we weaved our way past them to get the gear upstairs.

A good workout that seemed a bit easier than last time, as we'd thought it out a bit better!

The intro tape went on and we kicked off this party season with - Fight for Your Right to Party, why not?  It had been our opener for years, but has either been given a rest or shunted further up the set just to keep things fresh.  Still works though, because the people in the room were up and dancing right from the start.

After many more songs (and sweat) had been expended, we finished off in our usual fashion.  It was a fine night and everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

We hope to return to Worksop next year some time.

Next up......

The Christmas Shindig to round off the year perfectly,  the Tap N Tumbler.

It's going to be a humongous party, be prepared!

27th October - Slappers and Trollops Rally - Breighton Ferry Pub, Nr Selby - So much fun with this lot,as usual....

Once again we made the trip up to Breighton Ferry, for the second time in a month, to play for the wonderful lot at the Slappers and Trollops Rally.

Normally held around April/Spring time, it was being held this late in the year due to Kayleigh Evans having just given birth to a baby girl, so they had other priorities come the time of their usual spot!

But no matter what time of year, it was the usual great laugh that we always have playing for them.

Unfortunately, due to a technical issue with our PA, we had to take an uncharacteristic mid-set break in order to try and solve the problem.  Admittedly, it did have us ripping everything apart to try and solve it - and quickly - but we aren't ashamed to admit it had us a bit stumped!


We cleared it in the end though, and it was back to rocking as usual!   Paul came up as is customary to muck about with us while we play, but its all in good fun and we are used to it from those guys now!

Thankfully, Chris kept all of his clothes on this time too............

A great time and thanks for having us back to play!

There are no gigs booked in November, so we will be taking a break for the run up to Christmas.  We'll next be out on the 2nd of December at the Frog Above the Swan in Worksop.

It's a bugger getting all the stuff upstairs, but it's a cracking little venue, so get yourselves down there for what will be a great night.

Then on the 15th we'll be having our annual Christmas shindig at the Tap N Tumbler, we couldn't do Chrimbo anywhere else!

See you soon \m/

13th October - Excalibur's 29th Get Stoned with the Sword Rally - Hilton, Derbyshire - Schooooool's out for autumn....

Friday the 13th was upon us and it was time to assemble the squad once again.

We haven't played for the Excalibur lot since their 25th anniversary, when it was still at Darley Dale so this was an adventure finding their new site.


Sat Nav guided every single one of us to a gypsy camp at the bottom of the road.  It was apparent this was the wrong spot and after declining the offers to buy dogs and caravans we proceeded further down the road until the road became a track.  You could just see the hew of light at the end of the field so, off over the fields we went, (it's no wonder my suspension is knackered!)

We got to the marquee and the band prior were just removing their gear, so once they were clear we got our stuff on to the stage.

Once the sound guy was set up, we got some levels and a couple of soundcheck songs later we were ready to go.

Rally Harry, the young man we mentioned in our last outing, was also in attendance again, so he joined us once more (someone's got the bug!) and the crowd enjoyed "We Will Rock You" again.

All in all a great return to Excalibur and lovely to see them all again.

Next up, we visit Breighton Ferry again for Slappers and Trollops Rally.  We don't go for ages and then twice in one month!

We love it!! See you there........

7th October - The Enema Bandits 1st Billy Bash - Breighton Ferry, Selby - A fantastic way to spend an evening....
16th September - The Frog (Above the Swan) - Worksop - A great little venue that should go from strength to strength....

It seemed to have been a while since our last visit to the Breighton Ferry pub up near Selby.  Every time we go, it seems to get more and more band friendly.  By that I don't mean that they like to have bands on, they always have, but we used to struggle to set up in there and now it seems they have got the refurb just right, certainly as far as we are concerned anyway.

There was already lots of familiar faces when we turned up and we set about getting the PA system and equipment in and put together.  Once that was done a soundcheck was swiftly gone through and we were ready to rock.

There was a very eager young man there clutching a set of drum sticks who we instantly recognised as the lad that joined us onstage for an impromptu version of Queen's "We Will Rock You" at last year's Dregs rally.  Although he was about a foot taller now!  We thought we might as well have a repeat performance and we invited him up to do the same later in the evening.

Everybody there was in fine song.  We even pulled out a new song that we had been asked to learn for the Excalibur Rally, Alice Cooper's "Schools Out" so they were the guinea pigs for that one, of course it went down extremely well.

All in all a great little rally, we had lots of fun playing to you all and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Next up, it's Excalibur's 29th "Get Stoned with the Sword" rally.  Bring it on!



The Swan has not been re-opened all that long but it seems the loyal patrons from the Frog have followed them to the other side of town.

The upstairs room is smaller than expected, but still packs ‘em in as we discovered.  The stage is set up at one end and there is a small bar at the other to save your legs going up and down stairs to get a drink.

As it was either coz they are still tweaking with the stage or they haven’t the capability yet, we were backline only and the PA handled the vocals.

We enjoyed ourselves, even though getting the gear upstairs was a work-out all of its own!  Felt like we’d done the gig before we started!!

All in all, a great night and we shall return there in December.


Next up we are playing a new rally that has just got started, The Enema Bandits on the 7th of October at the famous Breighton Ferry pub. 


Come and support their first rally.

9th September - Tap N Tumbler - Nottingham - Almost acapella with the audience....

If there's one place we all love playing, you've probably all guessed by now - (don't know how that could've happened)..............then it's the Tap N Tumbler in Nottingham.

Whether it be a Friday or a Saturday, and this was our first Saturday, there is always a great bunch of live rock music lovers who always get into the spirit of the whole night and really party.


After the intro tape we kicked off with 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' as it has a great big intro - perfect for the sound engineers to get the front of house mix right, plus it's also an epic song!

We were firing them out thick and fast from there-on in, everyone was loving it. 

A minor hiccup when John actually broke a bass string......hands like vices that lad, don't ever get in to an arm wrestle with him!

A quick change of bass guitar and we settled back in.

We were having a great gig and the crowd were still with us...........and then the front of house PA suddenly went off, along with the stage lights......

We'd just started Foo Fighter's Pretender, so continued it in full, backline only - with the crowd singing all of the chorus parts!  It was great!

Unfortunately that's were it ended, as we were unable to detect the fault that was causing the RCD breaker to trip out and not reset.  Eventually it was traced back to just behind the mixing desk where someone had been leaning on the perspex at the other side at the same time as a drink had been spilled down it...........bugger.

It didn't spoil the night though as we were still about an hour and a half into our set, for most bands that would have been their entire set plus break, but you know us, we are only about 2/3rds of the way through by then, and we don't need no break.............ha ha!

A brilliant night, thanks to all who came and those who we spoke with later on, and to all who were helping to clear up / trace the electrical problem - that's why the Tap is the best!

Next up ................

We visit Worksop to some weird genetic experiment.  Someone has crossed a Frog with a Swan??  Is it a Fran or a Swog?

No.... What's actually happened is the people responsible for the Frog have moved premises into the Swan Inn on Castle Street in Worksop.  The Frog was a great live music venue and they have carried it across to run upstairs in the Swan!!  Crazzzyyy maaannnn.

Anyway, Sat 16th at THE SWAN INN, Castle Street, Worksop S80 1LQ.......see you party animals there..........



1st September - Wozwolf Double X 20th Anniversary Rally, Nr Matlock Bath - A party with large poppers....

The Wozwolf rally is always a great time, and since we were asked to play at this years, we have been gleefully looking forward to it.


Turning up at the gate and seeing the familiar faces on there and milling around on site we knew that it would be a class evening.


The start time for us was a little earlier than we are maybe used to, but we all tried to arrive there with time to spare for a setup and soundcheck, as always Phil and Graham were on hand to help and had soon dialled in a sound that they know we like.


The crash barrier had been placed a little bit further back than usual as Paul had plans for the evening, and for all of the bands as we discovered!


As normal we launched into our set after the intro tape and it wasn't long before the first almighty bang went off!


Along the front of the stage, Paul had set up Pyrotechnics.   They made everyone jump the first time they went off and we were then keeping a close eye on him for the next time he went to the side of the stage to the control box.


Still made us jump every time!


So a full set once again and by the time we'd got the gear off, ready for the next band, it still hadn't dawned on us that it was still pre-10 o'clock!!


We all made it home in time for coco and a story.


Thanks to all who came and partied and to all of Wozwolf for inviting us back.


Next up we play the Tap on a Saturday?? That'll be strange but we are extremely excited to be back at the home of Rock n Roll, see you there!




18th August - Gothic Bikers Rise From the Ashes 2 / 19th August - The Anchor, Friskney - A hectic, but fun weekend....

A rather unfortunate turn of events kicked off a mad panic before the weekend even got underway!


The curtain side van we are very kindly loaned by Gez's dad had its wiring catch fire, rendering us van-less the night before we needed to play!!  After ringing around a few who might have been able to help, we sent out a plea on Facebook just in case anyone could help.


It just so happened that Stagefright's Jinxey stepped up and saved the day!!  He was going to the Gothic Biker's rally anyway and kindly offered to help.  He had driven all the way up from Wales after his hols to help us out.  Thanks mate, you're a star!


Next emergency was that the mic stands never made it across with the PA.  Up stepped Steve who runs the Bad to the Bone rock disco who kindly popped home and fetched us 3 stands and Jinx again saved our bacon by providing another one!  Even Shaun Willows brought some over!


We can't thank you all enough for all the help you gave us.  That's what it's all about, mucking in and helping one another whenever it's needed, we salute you all!


The gig was a belter and everyone was well partied out by the finish, the pub was like a sauna and there were plenty of sweaty people all cooling down outside afterwards!


Saturday, van number 2 was available so Gez and Sam returned to Meden Vale to load up and set off for Friskney to the Anchor.


Upon arrival, there were a good few tents out the back and plenty of people in the bar so that was a promising start.  We assembled the PA for the second time and got the setlists written out.


Party number 2 was in full swing and 2 and a bit hours later we were all suitably knackered!


Thanks to all who came to both gigs, next up we are off to rock with the mad buggers at the Wozwolf rally.  Always great fun and snap up a ticket while you still can!


11th August - Bulldog Bash 2017, Shakespeare County Raceway - .................................................................No words...

What can we say!!!??


The excitement had been building for this gig since we were booked for it back in November 2016.  After playing the Angel's Bar at the Bulldog Bash last year and seeing the main stage, we could only have hoped of receiving such a phone call.


We were given an awesome slot, we couldn't have asked for better! 


So after waiting around all day and keeping the drinking to the bare minimum, we got our gear to the loading area behind the main stage and had a good peek through the curtain to the stage, amazing!


A drum riser on wheels was at the side of the stage awaiting Gez's kit to be set up on there.  There was a whole team of really friendly crew who were more than happy to hump our gear up the ramp, something we are definitely not used to!


So with the band before finishing up and getting their equipment off, it was our turn for a super fast changeover.  I don't mind admitting that during setting up the amps and making sure I had everything, my hands were shaking a little bit.  Not due to the enormous crowd that was building by the second, but because we wanted to go out there and absolutely tear the roof off.


Once done we slipped back off to the side of the stage and the intro tape went on.




We kicked off with an old favourite that many have seen us open with before, but it is even written across the logo for the Bulldog Bash, "Fight for Your Right to Party," so of course.....we happily obliged.


We would have been mad to leave out "Nelly the Elephant" with a crowd as large as that, it was amazing to see everyone going mad and the "whoooaaaaa" building up was incredible!


A 45-minute set seemed like 45 seconds, especially as we were having the time of our lives up there, the crowd were giving us so much energy back!


....and as quick as a flash, it was all over.  Relief and disappointment at the same time, we could have stayed up there all night.  But we think we achieved what we set out to do, give the place a rockin' good time!


We have got to say HUGE thanks to HAMC Ashfield, what an outstanding event and we are truly grateful for being added to an amazing line up such as that.  We wait with crossed fingers, toes and anything else that can be that the Bash will continue there next year, the land has been sold off to greedy developers who will turn it into housing and unfortunately the organisers are on borrowed time with the site.  They'll know in November if another Bulldog Bash will happen there in 2018,  we certainly hope so!


With the drag strip, racing, stunt performers, custom show and everything else that is laid on,  I can't remember when I've enjoyed a weekend more for a long time......and we have some pretty amazing weekends!!


L&R to ALL involved.


Next up, we have a double dipper!


On Friday 18th August we drop in on the Gothic Bikers MCC's Rise from the Ashes Rally, we are no strangers to this club and have played several of their events over the last few years as they have been getting going.  It'll be another good one, so make sure you grab a ticket.


On Saturday the 19th we pop over to the east coast to visit the Anchor at Friskney near Skeggy.  So if you fancy some sea air in your lungs and Fish and Chips all washed down with some Rock and Punk, you know where to head!


Lets 'ave it!!!!!

28th July - Leathered in Lincoln 2017, Sleaford Rugby Club - Going the distance once more.......
14th July - Rock and Bike Festival 2017, Carnfield Hall, South Normanton - They've only gone and done it again!!.....

As per usual this year, any time there's a slight hint of a few chords being played by one of us, the heavens opened and soaked everything in sight.

This Friday night was no different, but it was easy to see past the gloomy weather as we were travelling to Sleaford to play for the Halfway Heroes MCC and their guests at Leathered in Lincoln rally.

John arrived mega early as was already set up by the time the rest of us all tipped up, around 10 mins apart from one another.

Another proper stage with a great sound engineer was waiting for us and she left no stone unturned when setting up, making sure all the PA was top line for us to go on.

The hour was upon us and we took to the stage with our all too familiar intro tape ringing out loudly throughout the big marquee.

A full two hour and a bit set lay out in front of us and it was good to go the distance once again, it has been a while!

Nice to see everyone enjoying themselves, we got flashed a good few times too - always good to know we are appreciated, felt like we were in Motley Crue for a short while ha ha.

Thanks to all at Halfway Heroes for having us, it was fun!

Next up...........

Start your engines...........the dragstrip beckons..........Bulldog Bash 2017 - it's going to be spectacular!!!


Arriving on Thursday lunchtime as soon as the gates open has become a bit of a tradition within the band, the Rock and Bike Fest is almost like our family holiday together and we are always keen to get pitched up and soaking up the atmosphere as soon as we can.

We got pitched together with all of our usual crowd and then set about getting as much beer down our necks as we could!

The first band to kick things off were the Mocking Jays and then Verbal Warning came next.  Thursday seemed busier than usual, most likely down to the fact Dr Feelgood were playing that evening, followed by the awesome Floyd in the Flesh a stunningly accurate Pink Floyd tribute band.

As Friday rolled in it became apparent that whole weekend's line-up was that good, people would've been no doubt torn as to who to go and catch!  Thankfully for our slot on the Raggie stage, there was a full marquee!  The hour's slot rocketed past as they always do - even more so when we are enjoying ourselves so much and it was time for the quick changeover.   We left the stage to a roaring crowd, calls for more coming from all directions - job done, happy days, it was one hell of a gig!

More great music followed with Hellbent Forever, AC/DC UK, Girlschool, On the Brink, Surreal Panther, OD Saxon, the Quireboys and of course John Coghlan's QUO.

What a weekend, and all for £40....... How do they do it!?  The festival was friendly, the toilets were clean, plenty of choice for food and best of all - the music was great.  I urge anyone who hasn't been before to check out RABF  2018, you will not regret it ;-)

Next up........we are partying with the Halfway Heroes MCC at their 'Leathered in Lincoln' Rally at Sleaford Rugby Club.  It's always a great rally and we can't wait to see you there \m/


2nd June - Tap N Tumbler, Nottingham - Roof well and truly blown off!!!.....

A warm Friday night and we once again had the pleasure of playing at the Tap.

We arrived and loaded in and Tara set about getting all the mics in place.  Once we were all set up and soundchecked we were raring to go.

The place was soon full and bouncing with music lovers and the 2 and a half hours went past as usual in a flash.

Tommy and Kim's Macmillan Cancer Support fundraiser went really well and they raised over a £1000 in total, smashing their £300 target!  Big congrats guys and thanks to all who donated.

Right, a nice big break and then it's only the Rock and Bike Festival!!!

We are very honoured to have been asked to join the "Best of" line up and what a corker it is too!

Tickets are available now and priced at £40, and for what you get it's incredible value.

Countdown has begun!!!

19th and 20th May - The Frog, Worksop and The Anchor, Friskney - Rocking and road-trippin.....

After a considerable period of time passing since MFN, we convened on a miserable Thursday night at our practice spot in Hucknall for a short run through to check we hadn't all lost the ability to play and that our memories for the songs hadn't faded too much.

Of course it was like riding a bike and in light of Chris Cornell's death some of us were feeling a bit glum, getting together and thrashing out the tunes made us instantly feel better and looking forward to the 2 gigs ahead of us.

First up was the Frog in Worksop.  I really does have a top PA system in there and Nick at the controls has shown a consistent ability to get the set up pretty damn near perfect.


If you walked in at 8:30 during our set up and soundcheck you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's empty, however this little gem of a place starts to really liven up around 10pm, conveniently the time of us taking to the stage!  Also all of our atmospheric intro music and effects could all be played, so we were happy bunnies!

Was great to see familiar faces turn up and thanks to those who came.

Night after, we hit the road out to the east coast to visit the Anchor once again.  Great to see Cat, Anthea and Mick are still turning out great bands week on week for the listening pleasure of locals and travelling bikers alike. 

After throwing it down all week and that very day, (typical PA moving weather conditions) it may well have put a few off camping , but the room was still bouncing all night and everyone was in high spirits.  Make sure that if you didn't get across this time to see us, you go and catch any one of the bands that visit.  It's a cracking place to stay and party and as it's the lovely host's last year in charge before they retire, it would be nice to see people head over and take in all of the great things they have to offer. 

We return to play there 19th of August.

Next up, it's the Tap N Tumbler!!!! Graceland, Nirvana, our happy place and many other's too!  Get down there and party your pants off.  Tommy and Kim are also raising money for Macmillan too.  Tommy is shaving everything above his shoulders, including his trademark tache and Kimferno will be dying her signature pink barnet - Green!!  Let's raise some big cash for the cause and have a damn good night doing it too......see you there!!!

22nd and 26th April - Chequers Inn and MFN - Weekend and a Wednesday - what's not to like????.....

A drought of live music has finally been brought to an end as a chance encounter and an enquiry into booking us resulted in the new management in Chequers Inn at Hucknall putting us on at short notice (well, about a week's)

It was good to get back in and play a local gig once again, we used to play our last show before Christmas at Chequers.

We got the PA set up and soundchecked.  Mostly we don't play in bars that aren't rock themed, so it was strange to see people in their finest gladrags walking in off the street to a rock and punk show, not too many walked back out either, so we must be doing something right!

We played a more "middle of the road" set to keep the masses happy.  Everyone who was there was letting their hair down and enjoying themselves, so all went was also very bloody hot in there!!!

Then on Wednesday we had our annual visit to Showaddywaddy's Malc "The Duke" Allured's fine club MFN to play at Bike night.

Always a pleasure having the PA and sound duties handled by others so you can concentrate on rocking out, and Steve did a great job as usual.

As always short and sweet at MFN, when you're used to playing for 2 and a half hours an hour goes past in the blink of an eye!  We very much enjoyed the set though and Steve Russell captured some great footage which is currently flying around on Facebook and You Tube, so if you missed it you can catch some there.

Next up is another double-header, we visit The Frog in Worksop on the 19th May.  We played our first show there last year and are very much looking forward to going back.

Then on the 20th May we head east, no not Japan, we are back at the Anchor in Friskney.  Free camping and a bloody good venue to boot.  This biker friendly venue is definitely worth a visit and we have a blast every time we go, also it's Anthea, Cat and Mick's last year there, so lets turn out in force and give them a great night.

Catch up with you soon!! \m/  \m/

8th April - The Greyhound, Beeston - 10 Years of live music at the Greyhound.....
31st March - Tap N Tumbler, Nottingham - What was that? Two original tracks in the set list, you say????.....

A lovely warm day saw many boozers out early, some may have also gone home early too having overdone it - or were setting fire to their back garden with a BBQ as the streets were a little quiet when we arrived to set up at Beeston.

As ever the sound engineer was there and ready to help us set up for the gig and it seemed it was the blink of an eye before we were rattling through a soundcheck.

Thankfully loads of people had started to fill up the Greyhound and there were plenty stood ready when the intro tape went on. 

All the faves were in the set and some that needed their legs stretching got a run out too.  Everyone in there partied hard and it was, as it is always at the Greyhound, a very pleasurable night all round - thank you all, you rocked!

Next up is a welcomed addition to our gig list.  We used to always play a Christmas gig in Hucknall and it was usually at the Chequers Inn on the High Street.  Well sadly after new owners took it on, live music was axed and there have been no bands on since.

Another set of new owners are in now though, they have given the place a make-over and live music is making a come back!  Great news indeed.

We are playing there on the 22nd April - this Saturday at the time of writing this!

So let's give them some support and also have a great night out in the process and pack it out!  We need to use these venues or lose them. 

We'll be there with bells on - see you soon \m/ \m/


A sense of nerves for playing at the Tap?  Eh!!??  What's that all about then?

Nah, we weren't really nervous but we did have a certain part of the setlist we were keeping an eye out for......the section that contained two original songs back to back that we HAD been working on.  I say it like that because there has been no chance to rehearse them in the few weeks leading up to this gig, 'going in dry' so to speak..........

As usual Tommy was there to greet us as we came in, but he was grabbing a rare night off and still chose to be where the party was going down!!  That boy is a party animal......

Ben was there too, dutifully setting up the stage area ready for our backline and drums to be slapped in there.

It was also the maiden voyage for our new backdrop.  Properly printed up and with much larger text than our last one.  Thanks to Matt Moreton for putting me in touch with Sam Curtis from Future Print in Nottingham, they've done a great job and it looked smashing up on the wall \m/

After getting levels and soundcheck right, we went and grabbed the chance to say hello to a few folks and a quick drink and then intro tape went on and we were off and running.

The new songs seemed to go well, we need to work on them to tweak them in to shape, but they were well received by the audience - thanks for showing them some love.  We'll get them where they need to be and they'll no doubt appear in the set again alongside a few more.............oh yes, there's more......

A great night.  Thanks to all who came, we were thoroughly knackered afterwards, we hope you were too!  As always we will be back a few more times to the Tap this year, our next visit is on 2nd June!!

Next up we play at another one of Nottingham's finest music venues, the Greyhound in Beeston on Saturday 8th April, so we hope to see many of you there!!

18th March - Unwanted MCC's St.Patrick's Day 2017, Burton on Trent - There's Whiskey in the Jar-O.....

As per usual it was pissing it down for load up/journey to/load in as we have come to expect by now, it would be great if for just once it stayed dry!!

Plenty of folks had braved the crappy March weather though to attend what is always a great party, and our second time topping the bill for the Unwanted's Paddy's party, having played their 2015 bash also.

We first had the dilemma of whether or not to use our own PA or the Rockbar's, for which the sound man had already positioned all of the mics ready for us.

As it was a bit grim and easier we elected to go with theirs and just set up our backline around it.

Our rehearsal nights have been a bit sporadic lately, what with people's work commitments and the rehearsal place unable to take us this week.  We had got a new and well known and loved song in the set but had no real time to practice it together to get it sounding tight, so we were going to "wing it" and hope for the best!!

As being only our 3rd gig of this year we are still kind of dusting away the cobwebs and the feeling of rustiness, however after we kicked in to the second song in the set those feelings had been brushed aside and we were once again firing on all cylinders.

All were up dancing and getting in to the spirit quite early on, which we like to see.  Bikers are great for that, and don't really give a toss if they are 'pissed enough' for it to be acceptable enough to get up and cut some shapes on the dancefloor, it's just full on party from the off-set!

The time approached for the new and under-rehearsed song......It was of course 'Whiskey in the Jar' a great song that everyone knows and gets to sing along to in fine voice - musha ringing and a-doo-daaa-ing through the choruses.

It actually went really well! Don't know what we were concerned about, but we will work on it further to whip it up to tighter than how a Scotsman holds on to a quid and it may well become a regular in the set.....

We even managed an acoustic performance of 'Wild Rover' which got the whole place 'No Nay Never-ing' and banging their glasses and stamping their feet.  Really good singing all...well done!!

We came to the end of the set and left everyone with one more chorus of the Wild Rover and brought the show to a close.


Thanks to all who came to party and to Ruth and Tango of Unwanted MCC for putting it all together.

Next up we are back at the home of rock and roll in Nottingham, the Tap N Tumbler and will be welcoming in spring in style, hopefully it won't be pissing down!!!!

3rd March - Kingswood Tavern, Nuneaton - Wrecking Warwickshire.....

A good ride down, albeit a bit of a magical mystery tour!

The rain had thankfully let up long enough for us to start unloading the van and getting all the equipment in before the inevitable "Exhibit A gear moving downpour"

Nice to see a few familiar faces and we had set up and soundchecked in no time, considering it was our first time setting it all up since 10th December.

We played for over 2 hours and squeezed in many favourites, including some of the newer tunes we added towards the end of last year.

It was a most enjoyable gig, but we a felt knackered and out of condition at the end of it!  There aren't any other bands that we know of that play straight through like we do, but that was a good warm up for the rest of the year, so stand by!!!

Next gig is a visit to the Rockbar to play the Unwanted MCC's St. Patrick's Day Party.  Tickets are selling fast and it's a full day and night for a fiver!  You can click the picture next to this that will link you to all the info you need.

See you there, to be sure - to be sure........

27th January - KevFest IX - John Godber Centre, Hucknall - KaBOOM!!  Welcome to 2017.....

After what seems like an eternity we were finally back to make some noise and it felt GOOD.

Always nice to get started with a local gig to blow the cobwebs away and tonight's gig was the now infamous KevFest in Hucknall.  Mick Dove and Malcolm Bradbury have been putting this show together to honour Mick's brother Kev who they sadly lost in 2008.

It's great to see it still going strong and that all of these bands are willing to give up their time to raise money for the worthy charities it has supported over the years.  It's easy for us to pop along and play, but some had to travel a fair way to get there.

Before us there were four great bands Rock Deejay, BigMuff, Emperor Zoom and Devil's Advocate.  Each one put in a stonking performance and whipped up the audience.  In between each band we also got treated to some very well delivered acoustic tunes by Starscreen who were great and it added a nice flow to the evening.

It was our turn at 11pm and we got straight on with it and it was great to see everyone up and even a few dancing.  Set up and strip down went nice and smooth and big thanks to Mick, Brad and the rest of the KevFest crew for the assistance.

It was a most enjoyable night and we think everyone left satisfied.  Keeping up with social media we'd seen that the headliner for Saturday was unable to play so that was a shame.  But luckily on hand was Kev French of Jester who was there playing on the Acoustic stage.  He managed to rope in the rest of the Jester boys who then took a slot on the stage and kept the party going, well done guys.

Hopefully a great total was raised for NABD and thanks to all who came.

Next another long(ish) break before we return to Nuneaton and the Kingswood Tavern, always a good night in there.  We are beavering away behind the scenes and shall be back in regular rehearsals to ensure we stay razor sharp during 2017, it's going to be another smasher!!