8th September - Tap N Tumbler - Still rocking the right way........
17th August - Gothic Bikers MCC Rise From the Ashes Rally - The annual meet up with Gothic Bikers........

A rarity for a covers band to be on at the Tap on a Saturday but we managed to acquire this booking due to a mix up (last year) but they still wanted us to play so they moved us from the Friday to the Saturday.

Evening fast approached, so we hauled over to Wollaton Street and got on with the business of loading in and setting up.  As ever the Tap supply an engineer and we were please to see it was Tara once again.  She knows what we like and delivers in spades.

Intro was on and we kicked in to high gear.  The pub seemed to fill very quickly as soon the bar was rammed and jumping.  A few minor gremlins meant Tara had to jump in and change a monitor over (accidentally unplugging Chris's guitar amp in the process, its a good job we love her ;-)  ) but we were back in business with backing vocals back in the monitor mix.

The 2 and a half hours seemed to absolutely fly past.  Great to see all the usual faces and many new ones.  They all got to learn what one of our shows is all about, and had a bloody good time doing it too judging by the feedback we received at the end.

Thanks to all involved and to the Tap for once again being a belting place to come and play.

Friday the 14th we revisit the Twitchel Inn at Long Eaton, on behalf of the Rock and Bike team.  We first played there in February and it was blummin' excellent, so come on down for some Friday fun and we'll party the roof off once again!!

14th July - Bullfrog Bash 2018 - The hottest stage ever, but great party!!

We've been at every Gothic Bikers rally besides the first one.

Every year it gets bigger and there was plenty of people there this time too.  Some had travelled from as far as France to party.

It has been held at the Three Lions pub in Meden Vale since they changed the name of the rally to 'Rise From the Ashes', a name they gave it after a few members decided to leave the club at the same time as the venue they did hold the rally at decided they didn't want to host them anymore either..  It did look like the club may have chucked the towel in at that point, but they carried on and the rallies are going well again which is great to see.

We set up our gear and once soundcheck was complete, Glenn took on the roll of impromptu raffle caller.  We think he enjoyed it a bit too much, but hey, could be another feather to the cap and once our gigging days are over ;-)


As usual, everyone was up for a party and we had a full dancefloor all night.

We are already booked in for next year!

Next up we are back at the Tap N Tumbler on SATURDAY 8th September.

You know the drill....................................

It is lovely to be experiencing a nice long sunny few months, we love it.

But, you know when you wake up in a tent in the morning and the sun has been blazing down on it for a few hours and its like a sauna?.......It still happens in big tents too.........

We all arrived and there was a band already entertaining the audience.  Our slot was 6:15 - 8:00.

The stage crew were fantastic and helped us with all of our gear.  We got it all onstage, put together and sound checked.

Then straight on with it!  The crowd were enjoying it, but the tent was proving a bit much for some people who elected to sit outside and listen.  That didn't put Glenn off though and he kept on venturing outside to see everyone and get them involved.

All in all a great show, all the audience joined in, the sound guys were good and we have already been asked back for next year's Bullfrog Bash.

Next up we have a bit of a summer break, some of us are off on hols and some of us are staying put........well the weather is great and shows no sign of buggering off anytime soon.  It's about time we had a proper summer :)

We are next out to party with the Gothic Bikers MCC at their Rise from the Ashes rally on 17th August.

Perhaps see some of you there???  Of course we will........

29th June - Tap N Tumbler Grand Reopening - New look, same great place and people!!

There were a lot of lost people when the Tap closed it's doors on the 18th June for a much needed refurb!

This pub is a beacon for a lot of music loving folk and I bet a few of them were feeling like they'd lost a limb for a bit.  Luckily the refurb was only a minor one and would only see the doors closed for a mere 10 days.

We always look forward to playing at the Tap, this time even we didn't know what to expect.  What was going to have changed?  One thing we knew wouldn't change, was the great people who go in there and man they were certainly up for it.

So we arrived and began to set up.  Noticing that the stage area had a nice new carpeted section down and also the electrics had been significantly upgraded to that area, so no more stretching power cables around everywhere.

Great to see we had Tara on the sliders once again and she got us a great sound going.  I don't think we've ever remembered hearing it as good there before, and it always was to begin with.....maybe the carpet helped???

Showtime soon rolled around and after having a few warm up drinks and getting around chatting to everyone that we hadn't seen in a while, we just got straight into it.  No intro tapes.....lets just kick it all off again.

We had guest appearances through the evening, one being Gez's cousin Luke, who got up and absolutely thundered through Ace of Spades and Pretty Vacant.  That second tune, the man who brought the Tap back from the brink and turned it into the venue we all love now, Craig Sharp Weir, who played guitar on Vacant and Rosalie.

The night was a huge success.  The place looked great, everyone was in good spirits and fine voice and we thank you all for being there and helping us to set the Tap away again on the right tracks.

Next up we head to Sleaford Rugby Club to party with everyone at 2018's Bullfrog Bash!!  Such a shame the Bulldog Bash isn't on this year, so this year's Bullfrog is looking to be the biggest yet!!!

July 13th, 14th and 15th!!  Make sure you grab what tickets are left if you haven't already!!!!!   See you out there...............

16th June - The Farmyard Party Rider's Rights Stage  - Completely bowled over

BOOM!!!!  What a weekend!!!

These gigs are what every band dreams of.........a marquee packed to the rafters, shoulder to shoulder, with people trying to get in.

A herculean effort by the Yorkshire MAG Marshals and volunteers saw that the show went ahead, as not 36 hours before under high winds, the Rider's Rights Stage and Marquee - along with the Blues Stage and Marquee - was destroyed by high winds!!!!   The team sorted and replacements and worked tirelessly through the nights to get everything back to how it was, and for that we can only be eternally grateful as well as being mightily impressed!!

As usual the Farmyard Party was it's lovely self, with a great atmosphere, smiling people everywhere you looked on site and just so laid back.   A whole host of bands,  Angel Fire were particularly great on the RR Stage on Friday night, and of course Haxan.

Something a little different in the Big Top on Friday night.  Planet ABBA??  Everyone secretly likes a bit of ABBA and they played to a good sized crowd and continued Friday's fun........if you like that sort of thing.......... ahem......

Saturday was soon upon us and we made the pilgrimage across to the Big Top for Rick Hulse's Smacked Arse Comedy show.  Tom Short who came out in a silver jacket and cap, was hilarious.  Some of the crowd were a bit dubious to begin with, but he soon won them over and had them roaring with laughter.  Another highlight was Troy Hawke.  He came out in a smoking jacket as was one of the best character comedians I've ever watched....brilliant.   Top marks to Rick Hulse once again, bringing the cream of the crop comedy with him to Farmyard.

The weather decided to belt it down shortly after the comedy had finished, but it didn't dampen anyone's mood, and soon swiftly buggered off and allowed people to dry out.

Evening soon rolled in and after trying not to get carried away with all the other party goers and go crazy with the booze, we were about ready to get our gear in and hit the stage.

We were a little later starting due to a technical problem with the stage monitors, but once we got going, the gig took off and then kept going!!!  Yorkshire MAG had made sure that tent wasn't going anywhere this time........good job too as were absolutely blowing the roof off!!

Everyone in there partied hard and we couldn't ask for more from you all, so thank you.

Thank you to Rick Hulse for his faith in us to once again headline that stage.  Thanks to all of the East Yorkshire MAG for their tremendous efforts that continued right the way through the weekend, you all deserve a holiday!!  

And of course, thank you to all of you crazy people who watched us and got involved, making that show one to remember.  We love you all.

Next up........

The doors have closed to the Tap N Tumbler in Nottingham whilst it undergoes its refurb.............the countdown has begun..............we will be there on that stage (fingers crossed!) on Friday 29th June.

Come down, party hard, see what's changed and let us all kick off proceedings for the new look Tap with style!!!

18th May - Kingswood Tavern - Nuneaton / 19th May - B.A.D. MCC's 7th Monk's Rally - Berwick Upon Tweed - Road Trip Rockin'

A bit of time has passed since we last took to a stage.  The last time was at a private party on Good Friday so nearly a month and a half.

We were no less sharp though when it came to belting out the tunes.

We also don't tend to do many double header weekends, especially ones that see us at completely different ends of the country in the space of 24hrs.

Our Friday night outing was to visit the nice folks of Nuneaton at our favourite boozer there, The Kingswood Tavern.  Many had turned up to see us, which was nice as it had been quite a while since our last visit, March 2017 I think.

We had a great night in there and headed home to get a bit of sleep before taking the A1 all the way up to Berwick.

John Eyre of Berwick and District Motorcycle Club (B.A.D.) had been trying to coax us up to play at the Monk's Rally for 2 years since seeing us at the Farmyard Party.  Late last year we agreed and after waiting nearly 3 years he and his club got to see us again.

We'd also like to thank the club very much for helping with the unloading of a vast amount of PA gear that we cart about with us, that really was a big help and doesn't happen as often as you may think, but we very much appreciated that.  Cheers

The gig was a blast and afterwards there was time to chill as we were staying over, another rare treat, to be able to have more than one beer at a gig!!

We have been asked to go back there next year, so they must have enjoyed what they heard once again, so we might as well eh?

We did have a Royal Wedding and an FA Cup final on our side which left the roads virtually empty on the way up!  A nice smooth ride which seemed to pass fairly if that's the case next time we will be pleased ha ha!

Next up, we are HEADLINING THE RIDERS RIGHTS MARQUEE AT THE FARMYARD PARTY!!!!!!!!!!  It is a great honour to have been invited back once again and we can't wait to raise the roof off that marquee on Saturday the 16th of June!!!  Don't miss out!!!

16th March - St Paddy's Day Prequel, Tap N Tumbler - Nottingham - Seamus Murphy and the O'Neills

A lot has changed in such a short space of time since Christmas.

Tommy 'Gun' Kelly has moved on from the good ship Tap to pastures new. Thanks Tommy and we wish you all of the best in whatever comes next. 


Also in the run up to our Paddy's Day return we found that we had in fact been double-booked with another band, so the whole gig was thrown into question as the other band were booked on Paddy's Day last year, so we'd have to concede.

After much stressing and trying to jiggle things around and the new boss not in place yet and anyone there to make a firm decision, Tap stalwart and beer pouring extraordinaire 'Kimferno' saved the day and helped get us switched over to the night before.......after all....the show must go on......Thanks Kimmy, sterling effort there!

It was nice to see plenty of familiar faces when we all arrived and setting up with Ben on sound is always a breeze and a pleasure. The onstage sound was excellent and out front was brill too, thanks Ben.

Also Andy Jamieson was in the crowd (AKA The Yakstrangler) who captured over 300 images and filmed Thin Lizzy's Whiskey in the Jar.  Thanks for those AJ, they're great!

So in usual fashion the roof was blown completely off, but 2/3rds into the set an acoustic guitar and  Mandola came out.....WTF???

This was part of our Irish section of the set, special to Paddy's day, and the audience we given a rendition of Wild Rover and Seven Drunken Nights.  It was very well received and plenty were singing along.

All in all another very enjoyable night, long live the Tap and we hope it continues to go from strength to strength.

Next up we are playing a Birthday bash once again and then in April a few of us board aeroplanes and are buggering off to where hopefully there'll be some sunshine to tan our paisty arses!!

See you soon!

10th March - Mr Creature's Birthday Party, Old Nick's Tavern, Horncastle - The Big Guy's Birthday Bash

There isn't many people in the UK biker scene that don't know Mr Creature, and there has been many occasions over the years he has joined us on stage for a 'turn'

We all landed at Horncastle roughly the same sort of time and (after the magical mystery tour to find the back of the pub!) it didn't take us all that long to get our gear in through the doors and set up.

It was certainly a squeeze and with having an extra amp in the backline it was always going to be tight, but we got it sussed in the end and then could begin soundcheck.

We unfortunately have hardly rehearsed this year with illnesses, people having to work and what not, so Creature didn't get any pre gig rehearsal time with us.  To the outside world he may have looked cool as a cucumber, but he wont mind me revealing to you that he was nervous.

With some equipment problems dogging the setup a bit, it required further investigation but we soon had sound coming out loud and clear.

It was then time for intro tape and then on!

We played around 30 mins worth of songs and then took a short break to allow Mr Creature to get set up and settled in.

We had a great show and it flew by.  Mr C performed admirably, even without a pre gig rehearsal, nice to see him enjoy it so much.

Thanks again to all who came to celebrate with us and Mr C!  He's already talking about next year - as always it'll be an open invite so don't miss it!

Next up we head to Nottingham to play at the Tap N Tumbler.  The good ship Tap is now being steered by a new landlord, so come on down, introduce yourself and we'll all show him how Exhibit A and the Tap N Tumbler work so well together!

24th February - Gothic Biker MCC's Rock Night, Meden Vale - Cold night, hot tunes....

We last played for the Gothic Bikers at their rally last summer and had a great time, so much so we are doing it all again this year too!  Roll on summer.

Yes, considering Daffs and Snowdrops are poking through you could be forgiven in thinking Spring is on it's way!    Could've fooled us though, as it was bloody freezing!

Not the case however inside the Three Lions, plenty of people waiting in there, ready to have their socks rocked off and the beer was flowing regardless of the outside temperatures.


The landlord Gary very kindly let us use the lights fitted in the bar, so that saved us a job of setting our own up, so we got the PA loaded in, put together and the backline sorted.


After a soundcheck where everything seemed to be fine and we had a good onstage sound, we went for a quick charge of our glasses, an empty of our bladders, and we were off!


A great night, thanks to all who came to support it from ourselves and the Gothic Bikers MCC.


Next up we are off to Horncastle to celebrate the birthday of a man who needs no introduction to many of you, Mr Creature.

It is an open invite to all, so if you're free come down and party like the best of 'em with us until the small hours.  Creature will also be guesting with us on a few songs - so show him some love and support on those \m/  \m/

See you there!

2nd February - Twitchel Inn, Long Eaton, Nottingham - Back at it once more, great night....

Well what a gig that was at the Twitchel Inn at Long Eaton!!

It was good to be out there once again, rocking your collective socks off, and the fire has been stoked, it's burning brightly and we are looking forward to the rest of the year.


Well done to Meld, the young band who supported us playing a mixture of originals and covers. No doubt we'll see more of them out and about on the gigging circuit.


Thanks to Ben and Sally and to Tee from Rock and Bike Festival for arranging the gig, can't be easy putting on bands regularly and having a massive festival to sort out in time for July. So make sure to get yourselves a ticket, always a great weekend!


And by no means least....thanks to all of you who came!! Great to see lots of familiar faces in there and plenty of new ones too, we are glad you found us entertaining and you were all in fine voice!


Next up, we are with the Gothic Bikers MCC on the 24th Feb for their Rock Night, which is being held at the Three Lions at Meden Vale.


It's sure to be another great night, so we will look forward to seeing you there.


21st December - Tap N Tumbler - It's beginning to look a lot like Chris---less........

The last gig for Darklords MCC saw us play as a 4-piece due to Chris badly slicing a finger.   That was getting back on track and all was looking well........and then someone hit him head-on on his motorbike on his way home from work.  How he escaped that we'll never know, but he did sustain a broken left thumb and wrist as part of his injuries.

So it was to be another 4 piece outing, but not quite.......

Gez had arranged an almost life-size version cardboard cut-out to grace the side of the stage........and the man himself was present, but was keeping an eye on all things alcohol around the bar!! lol

As can always be relied upon, an awesome turnout was in the Tap and it wasn't long before the party was in full swing!

Landlord Bob is doing an amazing job and keeping the rock and roll spirit alive and kicking in there.

Christmas wouldn'tbe the same without playing there and we hope each and every one of you had a blast....we all certainly did!

All that is left to say is a big thank you to all who have booked us, those that follow us to our gigs and to the new folks who we have picked up along the way in 2018.  

We wish you all a very prosperous 2019 and we'll see you all around - all 5 of us!!- very soon!

3rd November - Darklords MCC Rock Night - The Show Must Go On........

It was settled that Selston WMC was to be the venue for the Darklords MCC's rock night.  Since booking us it seems they had been mucked about a bit by different venues but luckily it was all sorted.

Unluckily however, we were not to be playing the gig at full strength due to Chris badly cutting his little finger on his left hand at work.  He'll be out of action for a while to let it heal properly, but our next outing should allow for plenty of time for that to happen.

All guitarists in this band are skilled enough to put on a great show on their own though and although it is out of the comfort zone a little, the party goers still get treated to a stonking performance with the band as a four piece.

Massive well done to Sam for pulling it off, it was never in doubt though :)

Big thanks to the Darklords MCC for helping us in with the gear, always a big help for us and the setup went swiftly and without any gremlins to spoil the party.

Good job too, as this lot were well up for it!  A couple of birthday celebrations too in the audience, judging by how the evening went they had a great time!

We were approached to play a new clubhouse up in Pontefract, so we shall get that sorted and will be taking a trip up the A1 in due course :)

Great night and thanks to all who came.

We have a while now to prepare for the last gig of this year and where else to have it but the Tap N Tumbler!!?

Enough time for injuries to heal so you better believe we'll be coming out swinging and taking the roof off the place, so get ready!!!  See you there

29th September - All Arms Veterans MCC National Rally - Great fun down the Fens........

Ramsey Camp near Huntingdon was the host of the rally.

An old army camp that regularly hosts 40's revival weekends and get used as a tv set a fair bit from what we hear.

The sun was shining and although it was a fair way to travel, the roads were kind and we each managed to arrive in a couple of hours.  Sam was attending a friend's wedding so was joining us later, but thanks to the great club members loading in a was breeze.  Everyone grabbed something and we were in as quick as a flash.

After the acoustic duo had performed we set about getting the PA and backline set up.  The stage was well set out, could've maybe done with a bit more powerpoints, but I'm sure they dont get bands like us through very often, and in the Forces spirit we 'Adapted and Overcome'

Once we were all there and good to go we got up and did our thing.  Many were in and out as we'd expected, but when we came on for our last set everyone came inside and were ready for a party.

Thanks to Suzi of AAVMCC for being keen to book us.  We had a great time with you all.  And a big thank you to the club themselves as they helped on the way out too!  Very nice to meet you all, we should do it again sometime!!!

Next up, we are back in Nottingham.  This time its for the No Hate Festival, a shindig set up to raise money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  Google it, you'll see it's a worthwhile cause.

Its being held at the Rescue Rooms, a venue that many a great band have graced the stage of, and a place were we've all gone to watch many a great band at some time or other.

Click the poster to be taken to the link and get yourself a ticket.  Come down and be entertained by all the great bands that are on the bill, its going to be awesome!

Saturday 6th October....see you there!!