19th December - THE PORTLAND ARMS - HUCKNALL - Xmas bash and the end to a great year......

It was a squeeze but we pulled it off!!!  The gig at the Portland Arms was another brilliant one.  Everyone in attendance had a great night out, including us who can let our hair down a bit and enjoy a few beverages.


But instead of telling you all about that, I'll cover a few highlights for the year.


March we first visited the Crown Inn in Heather, a new venue for us with a great rep for live music.  We went down very well and had two further visits in 2015 including the brilliant Crownfest where we played in the pouring rain and people still braved it under some large gazebos.  Thanks to Frog (Simon) for having us and we look forward to playing there again next year.


We found out we were playing the Slappers N Trollops rally when the posters went out across Facebook!  We didn't even know we'd been booked for it, but as nothing else was in the diary for that night we turned up and gave em a show anyway!  That was fun.


May and June were awesome.  We started off playing to a large marquee of National Chopper Club, who had us back again for their Notts Custom Show.  Then on to NABD National in Cheshire and the maiden voyage of Gez's campervan.  Love that rally and we will be there headlining the Main Stage on Saturday for the 25th anniversary, a real privilege.


June we had a first outing to the Perverts in Leather Rally and raised the roof, we'd love to go back there.  A chance encounter with Shawaddywaddy's drummer Malc saw us with a booking back at MFN, a great midweek party.


Then we opened proceedings at Farmyard Party!! A great turnout for us saw us riding on a high all weekend and rubbing shoulders with some rock icons and listening to stories of tours with AC/DC..........fancy that!


Later in the year we played at the TWO HAT rally which sadly is no more, we had to send 'em out on a high so they got a 3 and a half hour set straight through from us, it flew by up there much fun.


We played Spat at the Tsunami rally.  The 10 year anniversary celebrating the rally organised to raise funds for the unfortunate marshals who lost everything in the big flood to the valley site at Farmyard 2005.  Another honour, and we rocked it.


Also a mention to the best bar in Nottingham, the Tap N Tumbler, who had us visit them four times and we will be again in 2016.  We love it there and Craig, Tommy and the gang sure now how to run a great bar and party!


What a year!!! Hope you all had a merry Christmas and that you enjoy New Year. 


Thank you all so much for your continued support and we've been glad to meet so many new friends this year.  We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again in 2016 and to rock with you all.  Some fantastic gigs lined up and more to come, so keep those eyes glued to the website.



11th/12th December - TAP N TUMBLER/VALE SOCIAL CLUB - A brilliant double header weekend......

Friday night arrived and along with it excitement, for we were once again visiting the Tap N Tumbler.  Four times this year!!!  You can count on two fingers the amount of bands that play there this many times in one year, so we must be doing something right.


A new sound engineer was on the desk and he did a cracking job, the house PA in there is fantastic, but having someone to pilot it that knows their way around a mixing desk certainly does help us out a lot, we can just concentrate on providing the best show we can.


As usual the audience in there lapped it up and proved to us again why it's the best place for live music in Nottingham.  Respect to Craig, Tommy and the team for keeping the drinks flowing and thanks once again for having us there, we are already looking forward to our visits in 2016!!




Saturday's weather would've been enough to put anyone off venturing out for the evening and when we arrived at the Vale Social Club you'd be forgiven for thinking it had.........


We unloaded and set up the PA and lights and by the time we were ready to soundcheck the place was full!!!??


That was a surprise!  So we set ourselves up to how we like and had ten minutes to sort out a setlist and then we were on.


Straight away people were in to it, which was a pleasure to see and they were all in fine voice when we played White Christmas, they joined in with all of the words so you'll all be on Santa's good list for that one........


Thanks to the Virago Star lot for coming and checking us out prior to us playing at their rally in May, good to see you all up dancing!!  There's more where that came from we hope!!


So, almost it for 2015...........We are next at the Portland Arms in Hucknall, a different venue this year for our homecoming Xmas do, get there early to avoid disappointment.  We will be rocking the night away as per usual and hope to see you all pack the place out!


See you on Saturday!!!

5th December - CHEQUERS INN - BREASTON - A successful start to the festive season......

At Thursday's rehearsal we gave the xmas song we do a dusting off ready to be sung with the good folk of the Chequers Inn at Breaston.


The decorations were up and the bar looking quite festive and once the area became free to set up we brought in the gear and cracked on.


It was nice to play again with a full compliment, it seems like ages since all of 5 of us played together.  November was quite a quiet period for us and the one gig we had done was as a four-piece.


As we went through the set we got to White Christmas and had everyone singing along, it'll be here sooner than we realise.......haven't we just been trick or treating?


An enjoyable evening and we'll be back at Chequers in the new year.


Next up, our Chrimbo visit to the Tap and Tumbler, followed by a trip to the Vale at Colwick.  A double header rock and punk extravaganza not to be missed!!!


See you there, with (jingle) bells on!!

21st November - THE KINGSWOOD TAVERN - NUNEATON - Great to be back after all this time!

Eleven long months had gone by since we last played at the Kingswood Tavern.


A good number of gigs had gone past between then and now, we were scheduled to play there earlier in the year but sadly we had to pull out due to a last minute change in Gez's work commitments.  It almost could have been a similar tale this time as Sam was unable to make it due to his Dad's 60th birthday party, which of course you have to be at, but as we have performed minus a guitarist before, we could still put together a full 2 hour set.  Thankfully the good folks at the KWT didn't hold it against us that we'd missed the time before and the staff were still pleased to see us when we pitched up.


The gear was brought through and duly set up and we had put it all together and soundchecked in record time.  It does help speed things up when you are a member down!


A few songs that hadn't been played for some time were given an airing and it was great to see so many people in there and having a damn good time.


But the night was also a tough one for a certain part of the audience.  There were a fair few members of Jugsters MCC in, who earlier in the week had lost one of their own, Sue Emery who sadly passed away suddenly and without warning.  They were there holding a get-together in her memory, the first of many no doubt, they did themselves proud and we dedicated several songs to her as the night progressed.


The Kingswood were also helping to raise money to give her the send off she deserves, and usually when someone who's a bit worse for wear comes over and offers to sing a song with us (as they have all of a sudden just realised their rock stardom dreams), we kindly decline.........this chap and his friends offered to stick over £50 into the collection tin, so how could we refuse?


The money went in and for the second time of the night we played Enter Sandman.  Bless him, the guy was terrible but he enjoyed himself and hopefully it'll help Sue's family along in giving her a good send off.


Also Wish You Were Here was as emotionally charged as ever and we finished on our usual AC/DC high.


All in all a fantastic night, everyone did a great job and we look forward to returning to the Kingswood in 2016.


Next up we have the fantastic Chequers Inn in Breaston and what sees the start of the run up to Christmas and the winding down of another fantastic year for us.


Be sure not to miss it!!!



30th October - THE TAP 'N' TUMBLER - NOTTINGHAM - Halloween fun at the place that loves rock n roll!
23rd October BUDSTOCK/24th October THE CROWN INN - Debuting a new song and double header weekend!

There isn't another place we can think of that the people who run it love what they do more than the Tap.


From walking in we were greeted with Craig and right hand man Tommy dressed up in zombie containment gear with their faces painted and ready to party. 


Considering they experience this night after night, their enthusiasm never seems to dwindle, like we said, nowhere else seems to do it like these guys and you can tell they are genuinely happy to be there and to see you.


Sound man Sam was there to help us get set up and after all of our daft bits like severed arms and cobwebs were chucked over the drum kit and fake blood applied to everywhere imaginable, we rattled through our soundcheck and were raring to get started.


A new spooky halloween intro went on and we got going and to a packed bar.  Great to see lots of familiar faces and a lot of new ones too!  The party was in full swing and the booze was flowing.


We brought out halloween favourite Monster Mash and also had people doing the Timewarp from Rocky Horror, great to see everyone busting out the moves!


Prowler again went down a storm and it looks like we may have to learn another Maiden tune!


Getting Craig up to play Rosalie with us is now a firmly cemented in custom, so what better to play through than the Les Paul Custom?  Another fine tambourine solo from Chris as Craig took up guitar duties.


Come the end of the show we were all feeling like we had been there for 3 hours solid (which we had!) and as we wrapped things up and came offstage we were knackered!  A top party and glad everyone seemed to have a great time!


December 11th we'll be back at the Tap again, we cant wait.  We also have a few weeks break before the run up to the Christmas shows (can't believe it is upon us again already!) so we may even get the chance to add some more new material!


Next gig is at the Kingswood Tavern in Nuneaton, we hope to see lots of you there ready to rock!


See you soon!




This time of year always sees us dust off a few seasonal favourites for Halloween so we are getting to rehearse together a bit more.


The good news is we have also managed to slot in a new song to the repertoire and it's an absolute corker!  For years we have listened to the calls for an Iron Maiden number to be added to the ranks, but as none of us really follow the band, we have kept them at arms length..


Recently though the first album has been getting a spin up and we decided to take on "Prowler."


We performed it for the first time at Budstock on Friday night.  It was good to see a decent turnout, the chosen charity Indigo Kids is a very deserving cause and it was nice to be able to donate our time to help raise some money for them.  Well done to Bud Chatwin for putting it all together, we're sure the charity are very grateful.


Saturday night came and we headed for Leicestershire for a third visit of the year to the Crown Inn, Heather.


A nice new stage had been put in by Simon and the room was looking good.  After playing Crown Fest this year we were keen to come back, the pub has a great reputation for live music and the patrons certainly enjoy themselves.


Again we played Prowler and I think it's safe to say that it's now going to be a regular in our set, who knows, we may even try another Maiden tune!


Thanks to all who came and saw us this weekend, as well as giving to Indigo, we do appreciate the support.


Next up it's Graceland.............The Tap 'N' Tumbler in Nottingham!!!


The Tap goes all out for Halloween and we are very pleased to be playing consecutive years, last year was a blast, so we are anticipating good things again.


Trust us, it's not one to be missed. So bring your friends, make sure you get your scary costumes on and come down to the finest Halloween rock show anywhere in Nottingham.


We cannot wait!!!




25th September - THE KINGS ARMS COLEORTON - A new venue with a surprising response!!
19th September - SPAT AT THE TSUNAMI RALLY - Simply superb, what a way to celebrate back in the valley!

Before playing anywhere these days it's always good to do a bit of internet searching with venues, usually just to get the postcode if nothing else, but it often ends up we have a good look at the website so that we get a rough idea of what we are walking in to.


The Kings Arms does have live music on, but the website gives off more of a gastro-pub feel to it, so we weren't expecting many punters to be pleased to see a rock band drop in and load in a seemingly never ending stream of PA equipment  coming past them whilst they were enjoying the peace and relaxation in this quiet countryside boozer.


Anyway, setting up was interesting with space being at a premium (largely due to our PA rig, not really the pubs fault!) but we coped and we were soon tuning up and ready for a soundcheck.


Trying to keep the volume down as we wanted people to stay and watch and not clear off somewhere else, getting the balance right was tricky but Glenn pulled it off and we launched into our usual soundcheck routine.


When showtime came the bar was filling up and we still had our reservations, but we need not have worried.  The place was soon jumping and everyone was singing along and enjoying all the songs in our set.  Thankfully!!


Many thanks to Nigel for hosting us and we are pleased you and your lady also had a great night.  Many thanks also go to Lynn Fearn of Labyrinth Promotions for sorting the gig out, we had a most enjoyable evening and would be more than happy to come back, sorry you weren't able to make it this time.


We were scheduled to play at the Greyhound in Beeston on the 9th October, but an admin error at the pub's end resulted in a double booking and that show has been cancelled.


Next up it's a bit of a break for us but then on the 23rd October we all converge on the John Godber Centre in Hucknall for BUDSTOCK 2015!!  A worthy charity do organised by Bud Chatwin and all proceeds are going to Indigo Kids charity that do so much good work for children who are affected by autism.  It should be a great do and you can click the link to find out more info on getting tickets for that one!


After this on the 24th we are back to rock out with our friends at the Crown Inn in Heather.  A very friendly biker pub who have a fantastic rep for putting on live music.  Can't wait to go back there!!


So we'll be floating about here and there and around on Facebook if you wish to ask us anything, but for now keep it loud and we'll be back onstage soon.







After playing to a very enthusiastic crowd at the Breighton Ferry on the Friday night for Didi and her son's joint birthday do, we loaded the van up and set off for Helmsley.


The weather was dry and sunny, and as Sutton Bank had been closed, a magical mystery tour unfolded for the 4 vehicles involved in getting us to the infamous Farmyard valley site.


After some interesting directions on at least two sat-navs, but taking in some gorgeous countryside, we all arrived at Helmsley and through Nelson's archway and down the bumpy track to the celebrating bikers who were enjoying the festivities in the valley below.


Greeted at the gate and directed where to leave cars by Pete Walker (thanks Pete) we went in search of a few cold ones.


Rick Hulse and his Smacked Arse Comedy show was just about to begin and we settled in to be entertained by Rick and all of his guest comedians, who were on fine form.


Sadly, some plonker decided that skulling a bottle of Amyl Nitrate (Poppers) was a good idea and brought proceedings to a halt.  The fine volunteers and first aiders saved his life and he was given a helicopter ride to James Cook Hospital in 'Boro.  A very lucky guy indeed!


Rick and his crew soon had everyone laughing again and brought the party mood back up.


After that, we got our gear to the stage and were assisted by some of the friendliest sound guys ever.  Nothing was too much trouble and after setting everything up, they had us sounding great!  Thanks Graham Hollings and his team for that, fantastic work!


At 7.45 we hit the stage after a rousing introduction from Pete Walker and we launched into to the first few songs and before long the party was in full swing.  The hour and a half went by so fast and compared to 3 hours two weeks prior, it seemed like we were just getting started!


Also massive massive thanks to Aidy, who worked tirelessly before, during and after to make sure it was a rally to remember.  You have done yourself proud and everyone had an extremely good time, we look forward to the next time!!!  East Yorkshire MAG, we salute you all!!


Next up we are gracing a new venue to us, The King's Arms in Coleorton, Leicestershire.  We are looking forward to seeing as many there as possible and we'll be delivering all the classic rock and punk you could want, so come out and support live music and the venues that are good enough to hold it for us all to enjoy!!!!  See you there...........


5th September - 3RD LET'S GET TWO HATTED RALLY - Sending this awesome rally out in style!

Thursday night rehearsals went very smoothly and saw us just have to touch on a few songs in preparation for the Two Hats MCC rally.  As we have been playing pretty much every week a two week break from gigs felt like we hadn't seen each other in ages!


John was first to arrive at the rally site, which is amazing as he has the worst sense of direction known to man and gets lost leaving the end of his street!  The others soon followed and as we had elected to use our own PA system, we got to work unloading the equipment and setting up the stage.


The party was in full flow and Mr Two Hat Bratley was on fine form behind the mixing desk and putting out some fine tunes whilst we got everything sorted and then on to our soundcheck.  Once that was done, we could relax for a couple of hours and take in the atmosphere.


We were treated to some rock classics in an acoustic style with the very talented Kelly Ann Bolland, who will no doubt go far in the rally world and be entertaining crowds for years to come.


A team of surgeons were on hand to help with the birthing of a baby Chimpanzee, which went off without a hitch, and mother and baby are reportedly doing fine (weirdos!)


The intro tape went on and the audience, although they didn't know it yet, were about to be treated to a full 3 hours NON-STOP of rock, punk and metal classics.  One after another we rolled out all the greats to the crowd's delight and they lapped it up and showed some serious stamina to keep dancing like they all did.


It was a great thing to be a part of,  Two Hats MCC are teaming up with the Wobbly Goolies and will be bringing together another rally that will surely be an event not to be missed, so keep your ears to the ground.


Thank you to all who donated the the N.A.B.D. all profits from the rally and the fundraising efforts was greatly received by them, you never know, you may need their help yourself one day.  Well done all!!!


Next up we are at a private do and then it's time to visit the old Farmyard site, yes the one that FLOODED, for SPAT AT THE TSUNAMI!!!  This rally's origins were to help raise funds for the marshalls and crew who lost their belongings in the flood that destroyed the site just after the Farmyard Party in 2005.  It's the 10th anniversary of the flood and after playing at last year's Spat rally we were honoured to be asked back again.


If you have your ticket, we'll see you there, if not they have sold out, but a few are popping up now and then but you'll need to snap them up quick.


See you there and hopefully we wont need our armbands!! Lets make it one to remember for the right reasons!!! 


21st August - JAY'S BACK ON THE ROAD BASH - Taking the Moth and Lantern's stage on it's maiden voyage!

The night prior to this show Gez and Chris had a ride up to Cottam to the Moth and Lantern to take a look at the venue and meet the folks there.


We were welcomed by Jay and his friendly staff and he showed us around his outdoor area including the new stage that was still being finished.  He had gone to great lengths to try and insulate his neighbours from the live music that was to take place, but bass has a nasty habit of carrying for miles whatever you do, but we are sure it helped a little.


Friday came and we all set off with our gear loaded.  We got the stage set up and the PA supplying some background tunes and enjoyed a beer and a burger from Jay's outside BBQ area, very nice.


Unfortunately we had overlooked the controller for our lights so they had to get plugged in direct from the mains, but the led ones we also have were up to the task and did us proud!!  Ooops. Ah well, it happens!


We kicked off and it was good to see all there enjoying the music and getting stuck in, there was one bloke who was playing some great riffs on a sweeping brush he'd found!


The weather thankfully held out and it didn't rain, so we got a great show in and the neighbours complained only a hoo.


All in all, a great visit and well worth checking out the very biker friendly Moth and Lantern in Cottam, Retford.  They have an accomodation block and camping area so you can stay over and enjoy a beer and some nice grub.




We are off to get well and truly TWO HATTED!!


Yes Two Hat Bratley is putting on his third rally at Tabler's Wood Scout Camp at West Colwick, Goole.  There will be some monumental amounts of fun and alcohol consumed at this great rally with the top man himself leading the charge.  The ticket limit has already been boosted once due to popular demand so make sure you get some to avoid disappointment.


We shall see you there!!!


16th August - NCC NOTTS CUSTOM SHOW - Some spanking machinery on show and great company!

After already rocking Friskney's socks off, we had to hit the ground running on the Sunday morning and haul ass across to Newark to see the NCC at their Custom Show.


After several cups of strong coffee, the road beckoned and we got moving once more.  Again the traffic was fairly kind and we all arrived pretty much together and unscaithed, ready to rock.


An artic trailer was the stage and thankfully the sun was still shining and all was fine and dry, perfect weather for a Custom Show!!!


We dragged the PA up onto the stage and set about putting it together once more.  It was the rig's maiden voyage in an outdoor setting and when we had it all set up and pumping out we were all quite surprised at how crystal clear it was and the volume it could was more than up to the task!


Once soundcheck was done, we got time to have a mingle and a chat and a look at some of the spectacular bikes that were on show.  A lot of effort and care had gone in to them and some very cool engineering and fantastic paintwork was on display.  Awesome stuff!!


The event was well attended and there were plenty of punters there as well as a few clubs who had come to show support.


We had sorted our set out and after the best introduction any band could hope for (we were introduced as............the Best Covers Band in the Country.....these guys know there stuff!!) we took to the stage.


Another blink of an eye and the show was over.  We loved every minute of it and it was great to play in front of everyone there.


Thanks to NCC Notts for a great day out and what a fantastic event it was.  We are sure we'll be at another event of their's next year.


Nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new people, next up we have.......Jay's Back on the Road Bash at the Moth and Lantern, Cottam, Nr Retford.  It's a kind of mini rally with a few live bands on so get across to what will be a great weekend.  You can find more info if you click the poster for the event on here and camping is available so everyone can have a drink.


What's not to like???  See you there!!!!!

15th August - THE ANCHOR INN, FRISKNEY - East Coast Rockin, great venue......
31st July - TAP 'N' TUMBLER, NOTTINGHAM - Another unbelievably great gig at Nottingham's premier rock bar......

The trip out to Friskney is a nice steady ride if you catch the traffic right and usually by a Saturday afternoon everyone has got to where they need to be and we can get a pretty good run at it.  Gez didn't have far to come, he had been sunning it up in Ingoldmells all week with his boy Joseph, so only a quick bomb down from there and he was setting up the camper (handbrake on again).


The sun was out and the conditions were nice and dry, so we had our fingers crossed that there would be plenty of bikes there and a good turnout.  We are pleased to say that there was lots of tents decorating the back field of the pub and many people enjoying a beer in the sunshine.


We loaded the gear in to the pub and got set up and soundchecked.  We had a bite to eat and a few cheeky looseners of our own whilst we decided on which songs were to go into the set for the evening.


At just after 9.30pm the intro tape went on and we leapt into action.  The usual suspects were all there, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Green Day, Billy Idol, Motorhead, AC/DC....the list goes on....


The 2 hours absolutely flew past and we had arrived at Wish You Were Here in what seemed like the blink of an eye, a sign that we had enjoyed ourselves.  Through Whole Lotta Rosie we were nose to nose with the audience, the room had been full from the beginning and had remained that way.


The people at the Anchor work really hard to bring quality bands to play there week in/week out and need the support from everyone to go out there and camp over, enjoy and drink and some fine live music.  Thanks to those who came to see us and if it was the first time you had, nice to meet you and hopefully we'll see you again.


We stripped the gear back down and loaded it back in to the van as the following afternoon we were playing for the National Chopper Club Notts at their Custom Show at Newark Rugby Club.

The temptation was there to stay up and party, but we decided on an early night...(2am!) in order to see a good chunk of the morning in preparation for the gig. 


We will return to the Anchor in 2016 and until then, keep going and supporting them and live music, and they'll keep doing it for years to come.......See you soon!




A visit to the Tap is always a delight and we look forward to playing there like a kid looks forward to Christmas.


It's a venue that we don't ever have to assess the audience and tailor the set to suit who we think is in there, we can just unleash everything and it just gets lapped up by all of the music loving folks who drink in there.


Arriving a couple of hours before we were due to kick off and loading in was as easy as ever.  Thankfully we had the fantastic Tara back to do our sound again and she was on fire once again.  Her only complaint was that we don't have a break in 3 hours and she couldn't sneak off for a smoke!


Lots of famliar faces came to see us.  One fella had delayed his holiday by a day so he could come and watch us!!  Thanks for that, glad you enjoyed the show!!


We got a few new tracks in the set too.  There was All My Life by the Foo Fighters, Living After Midnight by Judas Priest (we'd only rehearsed it the night before, thankfully still fresh in the memory!!) and also a return of Bullet in the Head by Rage Against the Machine, at which point the place erupted!!!


In the audience was Shaun Tennick who graced the stage for two numbers, covering Anarchy in the UK and I Fought the Law.  Awesome job and great response from the crowd!  Thanks Shaun.


Craig Sharp-Weir was actually having a well earned night off, but he did pop in and watch us for the last two-thirds of the set!  It came time to play Rosalie, so Chris handed over rhythm guitar duties to the main man himself and he absolutely stormed it.  Let's face it, it wouldn't have been the same without him there so we are really glad he dropped in.


So after almost 3 hours, we were done.  Absolutely fantastic atmosphere all night and great to see so many enjoying live music.


We have a break next weekend but the following weekend we are on a double header, play the fantastic Anchor Inn at Friskney on Saturday 15th and then back through to play at the NCC Custom Show the following afternoon.


Things are excellent in the Exhibit A camp at the moment and they just continue to get better.  Big strides made this year, 2016 is going to be more of the same so stick with us and you'll be at some of the best parties around......See you out there..........

26th July - CROWN FEST, HEATHER MUSIC FESTIVAL - Rocking to the hardcore festival goers......

After an almost full weekend passing by, it was rather odd loading up and jumping in the car for a Sunday night gig, we don't get too many of those, but we were really looking forward to it as we knew from the location it was going to be  a belter.


This was because we were returning to the Crown Inn in Heather near Coalville.  The last time we visited we got to meet some great folks who really enjoyed our show and got to work with Shakes from Audio Difference for the first time.


This time around Shakes was there again and so was his fantastic rig that was forming the backbone for every band to be pumped out to the audience who were enjoying the show.


Sadly the weather wasn't as good as the festival and it had literally persisted it down all day long, but that hadn't put many off as there was still quite an impressive turnout there still enjoying the show.


We were on at 9pm, and thankfully a break in the rain had allowed us to get our amps and gear to the stage without getting wet and then a quick set up, a line check and we were off.


It was difficult to leave out so many great songs as we only had a 45 min slot like everyone else, but we still enjoyed it immensely.  The crowd stuck with us all the way and were singing and cheering, despite the heavens opening again during our set and nearly drowning everyone.  The hardest rocker of all though had to be 5 year old Annabel, Chris' daughter who had her raincoat on and was up at the front for the whole set headbanging, pirouetting and jumping in the puddles!


A short, but sweet performance.  We are back at the Crown on October 24th, a show not to be missed!


Next.................................Oh yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh.....................................It's time to go back to one of our favourite places to play in the world..............the Tap 'N' Tumbler in Nottingham!!!


It seems like a lifetime ago we last played there as we have been all over the place already this year, but we always look forward to a visit to the Tap, whether it's just for a night out or to play there.


We have a few new ones lined up for you all so make sure you are there because we are rocking Friday night "Tap Style" and the only place to be in Nottingham will be in there, of that you can be sure........................


See you there!!!!!!

11th July - OLDE ROYAL OAK, BURTON UPON TRENT - Returning to deliver the goods......

Another Saturday night rolled round and a return to another great venue.


The Olde Royal Oak in Burton's market square is a cool place to play.  It seems nobody is in and then all of a sudden the place is packed.


After the gear was loaded in we got set up and were keen to see if the electrical gremlins that plagued us on our last visit in May were still present, or if they'd cleared off.  Gladly they had, and we had our sights set on topping our last performance there after a shaky start last time due to electrical issues.


It hadn't put anyone off though and there were still a good few in when the intro tape went on.


Tonight also saw the addition of two new songs.  Well, one not so new, but never before attempted with the current line-up -  Bullet in the Head, a funky Rage Against the Machine classic....... and All My Life, the chuggy highly charged Foo Fighters anthem with some very tricky yelling (in tune) parts....


They both went down well and it's always nice to freshen up the setlist and stick a few different ones in there.  We played again for 2 and a half hours, with no break and the gig just seemed to fly by.


Thanks again to Sue Cutting of Krysalis Promotions for booking us again so quickly, the locals couldn't wait to get us back in there.  Also for taking some great pictures again, which can be seen on our facebook page.


We have a little busman's holiday next weekend.  We will be attending the Rock and Bike Festival at Carnfield Hall in South Normanton, another big birthday weekend celebrations and a chance to catch up and watch some great bands with a beer in hand.  After playing the festival last year to a thunderous response and having had so much fun there, we simply had to go again.  Hopefully we'll see lots of you there!


Fear not though, we are back the weekend after on Sunday 26th July playing the Heather Music Festival in Heather near Coalville.  We are proud to have been asked to play and we'll be on as main support to the headline act for that day around 9pm, so if you can make it there you should.  It's all for charity and there are around 50 bands on for the whole weekend and all for free entry!!!  Can't get better than that!


See you out there!!!!

4th July - CHEQUERS INN, BREASTON - They came from far and near, for the best rock and punk to hear..........

After some lovely weather through the week Saturday had arrived and it was time to pop across to Breaston in Derbyshire and play for the good folks at the Chequers Inn.


It was still warm outside and loading in the gear was a shock to the system, as we’ve been lucky of late to have the PA system and a sound man provided at the last lot of gigs!


Everything was set up and sounding good, so we had a few looseners prior to going on.


Just to mention it was John's birthday on Thursday and also Trish was celebrating her's that day too.  Duncan and Katie very kindly gave us a few drinks over the course of the evening, very welcome because of the temperature!


It was nice to stretch out to (almost) a full set, most of the other gigs have been an hour and a half so we have just been including the heavy hitters, so getting in a few more kept it fresh for those who've seen us a lot recently.


Jonathan and Martine Walters had travelled down from Manchester just to see us!  So thanks to them for making the journey....


Also a few other familiar faces so thanks to all who came.


Next up we are back at Burton on Trent to play at The Olde Royal Oak.  The last gig in there was a cracker and we are sure it'll be more of the same, they couldn't wait to book us again!!!!


So if you are around, it's the Market Place Royal Oak (apparently there are two in Burton!)  it'll be another night of high octane rock and punk delivered in the only way we know how........


See you there.....

27th June - SHOULDER OF MUTTON MCC'S 33RD COWPAT RALLY - Glorious weather and a great party!!!
19th June - The Farmyard Party 2015 - Thank you all who came to watch us tear the place up!!!!!

The only problem with an outside stage is that you are hedging your bets with the weather.


This was definitely not a problem this weekend.  There had been showers in the afternoon on Friday, but it certainly didn't put off anyone partying in the evening when the live music was on, by which time the rain had stopped and that is how it was to stay for the rest of the festivities.


We arrived at the gates and we were guided up to the backstage area and met by Snake, who had previously done our sound at the Perverts in Leather Rally earlier this month (and had done an awesome job by the way).


With plenty of time to set our gear up on the stage we unloaded and got cracking.  After the raffle and prize giving we had a quick soundcheck and once again Snake and his assistant had us sounding spot on!


The sun was beating down onstage and the band who'd been on previously had got a bit burned!! 


We launched in to our set and it was great to see people up enjoying themselves, even if it was only 7 o'clock!!

An hour and a half later and we were all done.  Safe to say we think most enjoyed our set. 

Thanks to Shoulder of Mutton MCC for having us on their bill, we got there eventually!!!


Next up we are playing at the Chequers Inn in Breaston nr Long Eaton on Sat 4th, back with Duncan and the rest of his crew.  Get yourselves along, it's a cracking boozer and also the weather is looking great!!




The Farmyard Party had finally arrived and if we said we weren't excited about it we'd be lying, it has had a very big pin stuck in the Exhibit A calendar on June 19th for a while!!!  It was like waiting for Christmas as a kid......


Gez's camper van protested about it a bit, but dragged it's way up Sutton Bank in first gear!!!!  So when he got there the first two sounds to be heard were the sound of a handbrake being pulled on and a tin of beer opening! Job well done......


Once we were all there and had been through the event control tent to get our wristbands and access all areas passes, we convened backstage of the Rider's Rights tent and unloaded the gear to get it onstage ready for soundcheck.


The guys had us sounding great and had a very impressive set up, one that could be controlled by an iPad nonetheless!!!  In't technology great!!???


Mr Creature was at stage right of us spinning out some awesome tunes one after another, it was great to see him there and he was on fire!


After soundcheck we got the rest of the tents up and proceeded to hydrate ourselves (water of course!!........hmmm yeah right!)


The hour approached and Rick Hulse switched on his mic, took to the stage and gave us a great introduction to the crowd, the intro tune began to we go!!!!!


The tent took no time at all to fill up, and soon we had a right party going on in there.  Tunes from Metallica, AC/DC, Sex Pistols and a whole manner of classics were blasting through the awesome PA system.  It was so good, we wished we could get down there and party with you all!!!


Thank you everyone for coming to rock out with us and the feeling we had coming off that stage cannot be matched.


After all of that, we still had the rest of all of the great entertainment to see and get well and truly batfinked!!!!


Great to see Ann and the rest of the Fifth Element boys get up there after us and knock it out of the park.  After the show we had, none of us would like to have to follow what we had done!  Great show guys......


We took a wander over to the BSH stage later and saw Badness.  What a great show and the guys in the band were sound and we chatted with them a bit afterwards.


On Saturday the Smacked Arse Comedy Show was on at the BSH tent.  As usual Rick had lined up a cracking set of comics and they had the place roaring.  We really enjoyed Tom Little's Jaffa Cake argument with his nanna, also his "spell yoghurt" sketch.


More great bands afterwards and then headlining that evening.....Oliver/Dawson Saxon!!!!  Gez had died and gone to heaven.  They were a top bunch of guys and hung out with us all day, posed for pics and shared their stories of AC/DC tours and other rock and roll experiences.  We of course hated every minute...... The band smashed it onstage too, fantastic gig with all of the great hits in there.


And there it all finished and just a few more hours to drown our sorrows about it all being over for another year.  We saw the sun coming up to begin the longest day of the year and then went to bed.


What a party!!!


Thanks to the Marshalls, who did a sterling job keeping us all safe.


Thanks to Rick Hulse for putting us up there, thanks to Pete Walker, Dave Malt and everyone else at MAG for hosting the best party and all of their hard work in making it a spectacular event.


We are back at the old Farmyard site for Spat at the Tsunami, so if you purchased a ticket this weekend, we shall see you again.....


Next up is Shoulder of Mutton MCC's Cowpat Rally, we are on just before Jake and Elwood with the Black Rhino Band.   It's gonna be another cracker...........





10th June - MFN - The weather gods were smiling and the bikes came in their droves....................

After the hour long ride home from work I could already tell that MFN would get a few visitors.  The weather was perfect, warm but not too hot, nice dry roads and a light breeze.  The hour ride ended up taking 45 mins.........ooops!


We got there around 6.30pm and there was already loads of people there.  We found "The Duke" and he got the load in doors opened up and we starting bring our gear in.


Plenty of time to set it all up and very helpful resident sound guy Steve working his magic had us sounding great,  Gez's kick drum could have woken the dead!


A quick look outside and the place was heaving.  Bikes upon bikes outside and plenty of people, nice to bump in to Kev and Paris from Stagefright.


In the backstage area, still adorning the wall was a poster from Exhibit A when the band first started out.  That gave the rest of us lads a chuckle seeing that it was still there, cracking picture!  Next time I must remember to take a snap of it!


The Dambusters tune rang out in the dark main room and we made our way up there on to the stage.  Great to see a full room and the hour went by in the blink of an eye.  It felt that we were warming up and then had to go!! 


Thanks to all who came out to support us and thanks to Malc "The Duke" for inviting us back again, it's been a while.  Hopefully it'll not be as long of a gap next time!!!


Again, thanks to Steve for doing the sound and keeping the front of house sounding great.


That's it for now..........


Next up it's FARMYARD!!!!! Aaaaarrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!!! Happy days.  It's going to be a mad one.  We are onstage in the Rider's Rights Marquee (Rick Hulse's) on Friday 6:30pm so if you arrive late, leave the tent erection until after we've been's more fun pissed anyway......



See you mad party goers there!!!!




6th June - PERVERTS IN LEATHER RALLY - Perverts in leather, brought us all together!!!

As far as short notice gigs go...........this was the call we had all been waiting for. 


The infamous P.I.L. Rally Club hosted their 16th Fetish Fun and Frolics rally at the Ukranian Youth Centre in Weston on Trent.  It's a great site and the hall in which we played had a nice big stage for us to roam around on.


Spoiling us rotten the stage guys helped us lug our gear up on to the stage and assisted us with our set up and then in to a sound check.  They were very thorough and made sure we were happy with the sound and any little niggles and noises were ironed out.


With sound check out of the way we had a few hours to kill and got to have a look around site and speak to folks.  Lots of familiar faces were there and some very eye opening costumes!!!!  The atmosphere was fantastic, it just felt like a really chilled out place to be and everyone could let their guard down and just be daft for the weekend.


Also Wazoo were there, feeding everyone with top quality gourmet burgers and whatnot.


Intro tape went on and we couldn't wait to get up there.  Ecstacy of Gold rang out through the speakers and then we were straight in. 


My GOD!!  As Glenn said, you would have struggled to get a fag paper in between the people in was PACKED OUT.


Total un-obstructed full scale partying was all we could see.  The rally goers gave us an atmosphere to die for and we got that feeling again that money can't buy.


As we said before, as far as short notice gigs go, if they all go like that you can't ask for much more as a band.  Thank you P.I.L. we had a blast and 2016 will be looking brighter if we get to come and see you all again!!


Not long to wait until our next outing........MFN on Wednesday 10th June.


Tell your friends and come on down......this month is on a roll already!!!!




23rd May - OLDE ROYAL OAK - Burton Upon Trent - A great night with great people.....

Burton market place.  We thought this would mean a pain getting access and then moving vehicles here, there and everywhere to appease the Traffic Nazis, but as it turned out, it was not the case.


The stage was a little smaller than we are used to but still had enough room to accomodate us all (and our massive rig, that's probably why other bands don't struggle.)  The building's electrics however didn't like the rig too much and was being very noisy through our speakers.  We took some lights out and that helped, but every now and then some interference would creep in, hey ho, that's rock n roll we suppose.  It did cause us to take an unscheduled break but the general consensus was to rapid fire out the songs and not give the interference a chance!


The audience were an enthusiastic bunch and very willing to participate in our antics.  Always nice to see and really helps to lift the atmosphere which we try to do at all of our shows.


The songs were coming thick and fast, they had some lesser rolled out ones, such as Tie Your Mother Down and Paranoid, so it was quite fun to give them an airing too.  Of course all of the classics were there too and a recipe of rock and punk was served up that would leave any live music lover satisfied and with a full belly!  (I think we played around 35!!?)


The issues that plagued us early on were a distant memory by the finish and we left the stage to welcomed cheering and applause.  Thanks Burton, we appreciate it!


A massive thank you to everyone who dug deep and contributed to our NABD collection tin as well.  It was empty and came back nearly full, so thanks so much again!


Nice to see a few familiar faces there.  Some good pics and a video are floating about on our facebook pages, keep an eye out for those.


Thanks to Sue Cutting at Krysalis Promotions for booking us and the pub for hosting.  A good night was had by all, judging by the feedback we received so job well done everyone!  No doubt we will be returning there at some point.



Next's been a while coming, but we will be making a return to the very famous MFN club at Shipley Gate, near Eastwood, Nottingham for what promises to be a fantastic night.  The club's Wednesday Bike Nights are legendary and all overseen by Malc 'The Duke' Allured, one of Shawaddywaddy's founding members and the current drummer for the Hot Motorcycle Club who play there on the first Wednesday of every month and are a real treat to watch.


Bands are generally done for 10pm so don't worry about it being too late and getting up for work the next day.


It is going to be a great night, so sling a leg over your bike (or come by motorised carriage) and get over there on June the 10th, as we will be rocking the roof off the place.


See you there!!!!




After the previous week's 'dry run' we once again loaded Gez's camper van with the bare essentials and shoe-horned a few other bits in to accompanying cars and then set our sights on the You've Been Nabbed Rally in Cheshire.


Upon arriving, the heavens had just opened and a light drizzle was gently spraying the site.  After an hour or two and quite a bit of traffic, the drizzle had changed to a good hosing down and the site had transformed in to a bog/slip and slide!


This did not put off the good hearted rally goers, who we're sure would crawl through it on their hands and knees to get to the awesome line up of bands and comedy that awaited them - and the booze of course!


We were the headline act for the evening in the Family Marquee and the two prior bands to us were excellent and had set the bar high.  All of Mr Hulse's bands are of headline calibre so we really needed to have our game faces on.


We came to the stage and after a brief intro and the opening song, the place erupted in to a mass party, with people singing and dancing and really enjoying everything we had to give to them.  Everything just seemed to click and we fired on all cylinders.


As the gig was coming to a close, we of course had to play our tribute song to Tim Osborn - Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, which was tougher than usual, having his mum Lynne and sister Zoe stood right in front of us.  Watching the tears as they listened, I challenge even the toughest of men not to get a lump in their throat.  Of course Tim's dad, Mr Creature, was dutifully running the Main Tent as it just wouldn't be a NABD event without him.


It felt like the show was over in the blink of an eye.  We could've stayed up there all night!!


The rain had thankfully buggered off, so the ground slowly started to dry out.   John and Sam had commitments at home so sadly could not stay for the whole weekend so they dashed off home.  The rest of us stayed and were treated to some top class comedy.


The highlight for us (certainly for me - Chris) was Gary Delaney.  He was like a one-liner machine gun and his usual jokes weren't offensive enough, so he dived further down to some absolutely hilarious stuff.  Hope to see him again.

Also Tim Bradbury and Scott Bennett performed brilliantly and had us all roaring with laughter.  And of course Rick Hulse himself leading the charge and rolling out all of the great acts for our listening and viewing pleasure.


We also caught up with Fifth Element who played a stonking set and the Evil Puppies who brought the music and YBN 24 to a close for another year.


A big thank you to Rick Hulse for having us on the bill, and to all of the volunteer marshalls who worked EXTRA hard (especially with the carnage Friday's weather caused) for making it run like clockwork and a highly enjoyable place to be.


Next year it is the 25th anniversary of the NABD and it'll no doubt be a special one.  Please help to support them in assisting bikers who face challenges that would normally prevent them from taking to the road on two wheels, to get out there and enjoy biking as it should be.


A thoroughly brilliant weekend and we urge you to attend next years!!!


Next up.........we play the Old Royal Oak in Burton on Trent for the first time.  We know quite a lot from the area so hopefully we'll see a few familiar faces there........and we'll have our NABD tin with us!!!



3rd May - THE NCC 40th BIRTHDAY RALLY - Tyre smoke galore!!

There were some great bikes on show at this rally and the highlight of the rally for the club members was definitely the bikes and the trophy giving, but that is what the National Chopper Club is all about.


We turned up to do the business though and it's always nice to have a sound engineer PA'ing you up so we only had to bring our backline.


Squeezing it in to Gez's camper was a challenge, but not impossible and we got there in the end!  It was a worthwhile exercise as we saw how things would fit in for our run up to NABD next weekend.


The marquee was a nice big one, as was the stage and it felt good to be up on a big stage again and got us all revved up for the big rallies we'll be doing this year.


Even though they were a tough crowd to get going, we could see that some of them were breaking out their dance moves and having a right good party.  The lights were quite bright up on stage so we only caught glimpses every now and then.


We were told the band from the night before were made aware they weren't the kind of thing that the crowd were into, but nothing like that for us thankfully, but then bike rallies are our bread and butter so we were not too worried.


All in all a good gig and watching all of the burnouts after on stage during the trophy giving was a laugh.


Next we are heading to Cheshire to play at YOU'VE BEEN NABBED 24.  We have been looking forward to this one for quite some time.


Tickets now can only be bought on the gate for £30 but for all of the entertainment they have lined up it's a bargain!!


See you at Astle Park!!




2nd May - SLAPPERS N TROLLOPS RALLY - Shameful behaviour, just how we like it.......

Once again we made the trip up to the great Breighton Ferry pub, a favourite amongst bikers.


The party was already in full swing when we arrived and had been going since the day before.  After setting up our gear we had a quick sound check and then we waited to go on.


It wasn't long after we had been on stage when the mischief began.  The first to fall victim was Gez, who had a terrible pink wig pulled on to his head and then Chris, who had been given a lovely and very fetching pink hat to wear, pulled down over his eyes!


John was next with a really furry scarf, it wasn't long before we were both melting and not long after, John ended up with the pink hat too.


We got an uscheduled break in the middle of our set for the raffle to take place.


Back in with the second set and we were beginning to wonder if there would be round 2 from the S'nT's and low and behold, it wasn't long before they were up stripping off Glenn and Gez.


Sam already had his shirt removed so they seemed quite happy with that.  But after last year, Chris of course had to go one better than the 'Mankini'


Secretly that evening he had slipped into a pair of lady's frilly knickers (strictly a comfort thing!)  and had been waiting for the Slappers to attack.  It never seem to materialise so he stripped off anyway.


The audience and ourselves all had a great time and although we dont know a final total yet, we are sure that the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance for which the rally was in aid of, will be getting a tidy sum.


As usual they put on a storming rally and people will already be looking forward to next years.

25th April - THE ANCHOR INN, FRISKNEY - A great spot to rock then relax........

The Anchor Inn is just one of those places that 'gets it.'


It's pretty isolated, but has the space to accommodate a ton of tents and bikes out the back of the pub, so you can just arrive, set up and then chill out.


The beer is good, the people who drink in there are welcoming and Cat, Anthea and Mick who all run it are as friendly people as you could ever hope to meet.  Places like this are becoming few and far between and need to be used, otherwise there'll be no live entertainment eventually and that would be a crime.  They work damn hard at keeping it going, so it was nice to see some familiar faces come out to see us and stay over and support this great music and biker loving venue.


We got the gear set up and with raised spirits we got cracking, coming on to 'The Ecstacy of Gold' and launching straight in to Metallica's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls.'


The set was a belter, full of some top tunes and we even had two encores.  So people must've liked what they were hearing!!

Once again The Anchor was a great place to play.  The bands we know that play there all agree, it has a great atmosphere and they make sure everyone enjoys themselves.


They always have top bands on, so treat yourselves - have a weekend on the east coast with bands in the evening and a dunk in the sea with an ice cream to recover!





Next up we are with the Slappers 'N' Trollops at their charity rally supporting the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance. Saturday the 2nd of May at the Breighton Ferry nr Selby.


See you there!!




21st March - THE CROWN INN, HEATHER, COALVILLE - A real "Jewel in the Crown" for live music........

Having never graced the stage here before we had no idea what to expect from the Crown.


The pub itself is lovely and has a real warm, welcoming feel when you go in.  Got ourselves a pint and on having a look around and thinking "we might struggle to fit us in to that corner over there" I was directed to a door and upon going through was immediately greeted by a lovely big room with a proper stage at one end and Shakes from Audio Difference, who was doing our sound for the evening.


His rig was enough to get us all around and was very impressive, with powered faders and all other manner of lights, bells and's quite possible John may have had a little accident in his trousers.


So with us being spoiled, just like the night before, we got our levels sorted and a soundcheck out of the way.  No intro tapes tonight due to us having them on CD!!!  Ha ha......his equipment is so advanced we might as well have had it on vinyl.  We may have to join the digital age and at least get a back-up USB stick done in case we encounter this problem again!!!


It mattered not one bit though, Shakes had us sounding fantastic and with a couple of cymbal crashes we were off in to the set.


The room filled up and we had everyone involved with Glenn doing his usual crowd mingling and the singing and dancing was great to see.  The Irish tunes got their finally airing of 2015 and have been put away until next year to be rolled out again or possibly with a couple of new ones, we have plenty of time to decide....


The gig was absolutely fantastic.  Simon and the Crown staff were all brilliant and the audience members all loved it, given the feedback we received.  Our maiden voyage at the Crown went rather well and we look forward to a return there.  Thanks to Simon for having us on and letting us show the good folks what we could do and to Shakes at Audio Difference for doing our sound.


We are playing a birthday bash next on the 11th April, but fear not.......if you aren't invited to that we are back on the 25th April at the Anchor Inn in Friskney.  Always a good night there and another lovely biker friendly pub, so come and party with us there too!!!

20th March - THE TAP N TUMBLER - Nothing short of outstanding every time we visit........

Getting to the Tap on Friday night proved very tricky as the council had decided that Wollaton Street needed to be dug up quickly for some kind of makeover we suppose. (Strange, oh wait...."it's March so we better use up some left over budget money" more like)


Anyway, the street could've been on fire and we would've still got through...... after all, playing for the good folks of the Tap is well worth overcoming any obstacle in our way.


We got set up with the help of the very nice sound engineer Tara, and then in to our soundcheck.  No messing around, Tara had us sounding great with the minimum of fuss and we were ready to rock.


The place was pretty full when we got going and the audience were going mad for every tune we could throw at them.  Nothing could prepare us or the Tap for what happened next........


A certain "Dropkick Murphys" were playing at Rock City that evening and when they were done, several million people tried to pile in to the Tap for a bit of Exhibit A action (and a lovely pint of course...)


Craig the landlord pulled off the impossible, and a team of bar staff were abseiling in from helicopters outside to cope with the demand.  (So I'm told)  Everyone in there was in high spirits, so we gave em round 2 of the Irish set and who better to give it to than a load of revellers from a Murphy's gig!!??  Back in to the rock with Emerald and up to the finish.


Some of the punters even commented how they'd had a better night with us than at the DM gig....including a certain member of local legends Ferocious Dog.... Cheers and thanks for the support.


Cant believe we have to wait until July until we are back there, but it'll soon come round again.  Thanks to Craig, Tommy and the rest of the staff who did an amazing job and to Tara for an excellent mix.


July 31st people.......get it in your diaries!!

14th March - THE UNWANTED MCC's ST. PATRICK'S DAY BASH - Burton-on-Trent - We had a folking good time.

We arrived in Burton on Saturday night and the party was already in full swing for some of the more hardcore members who had started early and were camping over for the night...........BRRRRR


Once we had loaded in, the very helpful sound man had already got the stage ready for us with vocal and instrument mics in place so setting up was less of a hassle.


It became less of a secret what was in store for later in the evening as some of the more eagle-eyed in the audience spotted an acoustic guitar and a mandolin being tuned up and after a soundcheck we had a bit of time to mingle and get a drink.


Ten o'clock came and the Rockbar was full and we took to the stage.  Straight in with the rock and then came the punk, it was feeling good to be back to a full complement again.  After a few regular numbers the party was well and truly going, so we thought it a good time to introduce a little "bit o' d' Oirish" in to the set.


The chorus singing during Wild Rover was fantastic and the Rockbar was properly in the spirit of things.  We had a little 'Whiskey in the Jar' with everyone 'Whacking for their Daddy-o' and then back in to the rock again.  Fantastic stuff.  At the end, we couldn't resist one more round of 'No, neigh, nevers' and that wrapped up a great gig.  Thanks to Ruth and the Unwanted MCC for having us and we hope to see them all again soon.


Next up, it's a double header weekend.  Friday 20th we are back at the awesome Tap N Tumbler, without doubt the best atmosphere in there and the night after is a new venue for us...The Crown in Heather, Coalville.  A venue that always advertises in 100% Biker and BSH magazines so we are expecting there to be a few familiar faces from the biker scene to be there to see us,  can't wait...........It's gonna be a stormer!!!

7th March - THE VIC INN - Staveley - Exhibit A minus 1  get a second outing

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster.


Unfortunately Glenn's father is quite seriously ill in hospital, so Glenn understandably could not attend Saturday night's gig at the Vic Inn in Staveley.  We wish Glenn and his family all of the best and are sending all of our healing thoughts his dad's way and hope that he makes a speedy recovery.


More family trouble at Chris' end as well, his mother-in-law was taken in to hospital that morning.  We all wish her a speedy recovery too and are thinking of them all at this awful time.


So with Glenn not there, Chris took the job up of lead vocals and the show went ahead.  Glenn's knowledge of the PA was sorely missed, however between the lot of us we cobbled it together and actually got a really good sound from it!!


Now the fun part, playing the tunes........

Once we were off it was familiar territory and normal service resumed as we tore through song after song.  Some of the audience who maybe hadn't seen us before were a little quiet at first, but we soon had them hooked and they seemed to be in fine voice.


All in all, another really great gig.  Exhibit A will always try to turn up in one way or another to rock a venue, some bands will cancel if they have a cold (although Man-Flu is quite dangerous)


Long Live Rock and Roll .......


Next up we are back at full strength and rocking the Unwanted MCC's St Patrick's Day party.  It's going to be awesome and we have a trick or two up our sleeves that you might not be expecting.  Get yourselves a ticket and get over there!!!

28th Feb - THE VALE SOCIAL CLUB - colwick -Another fine Saturday night
20th Feb - The Greyhound, Beeston, Notts - One hell of a good turnout and show.

It was a bit of a wet evening this Saturday in Notts, so to see so many people coming out to their local and to support live music was a real bonus to us.


Once the gear was loaded in, we wasted little time in setting it all up and having a quick soundcheck.  After all, it was the first gig of the year that the Exhibit A system has had a run out, we have been playing through venue PA's since 2015 rolled in, but we are pleased to report everything is working as it should.


Having a set list as long as your arm doesn't half come in handy!  We opted for a set that was a bit thin of metal songs and ended up putting a few in that hadn't been allowed to stretch their legs for a while.  We certainly enjoyed playing those and it seemed you all enjoyed hearing them too!


It's always nice at the end of a show to have people come over to us and tell us their favourites and personal highlights of the night and there were a fair few who did, which makes us feel like we have done our job properly.


Next up, can't believe we are in March already!!??  This year is hurtling past, not such a bad thing when it's hurtling towards rally season again!


On Saturday the 7th of March we visit a venue that has not seen the Exhibit A backdrop grace it's walls for a few years, the Victoria Inn in Staveley.  The last time we played there the place was under different management, but since the new landlords have taken over the diary is full all year with bands who wish to play there....


So come on over to Staveley this Saturday night for what will surely be a high octane evening of rock n roll shennanigans!!!!!




It had been 6 years since we last stood in front of an audience at the Greyhound in Beeston.  Sometimes on the odd Friday or Saturday evening off we have had a look in to see what bands were on and have been impressed with how the venue seems to keep getting better and better.


Once we had the backline up Rob and his assistant wasted no time in mic’ing us up and we were swiftly in to a soundcheck.  There was a great onstage sound, we could hear each other reasonably clearly which doesn’t happen a lot when someone else sets our sound up for us.


So at 10pm we eagerly dived on to the stage ready to dish out a powerful set, which also included Metallica’s ‘Seek and Destroy,’ which had only really been gone through a handful of times in rehearsals.  There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done but it sounded awesome and could be in the set for a long time to come.


With all of the stage smoke and bright lights it was quite hard to see if there was actually anyone there watching us, until the house lights went up!  Extremely happy to see the place was heaving and everyone was jumping around and having a great time.  This helped lift our moods to the next level and the gig seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.


As is usual with the Greyhound these days Rob was around taking shots and managed to capture some of the best on stage shots of ourselves we have ever seen.  We will be using these images in our various media platforms, so keep your eyes peeled.


We were only booked to play there once this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you do see us back in there before long. 


Next up is a last minute booking and it’s a return to the Vale Social Club in Colwick, Nottingham.  We played a great gig in there just prior to Christmas last year and are looking forward to visiting again.   Get your glad rags on and come on out to see us, we are just getting started…………..

31st Jan - KEVFEST 2015 - Hucknall - Eight Bands doing their thing for Battle Batten Charity

What a way to kick off 2015!!!


On the Friday night Gatecrasher opened proceedings and got Kevfest VII off to a great start.  They had to battle against technical gremlins with the building's electrics, but that was soon fettled and back on with the show, good set fellas.


Then it was Devil's Advocate's turn and they put in a really great performance, we all enjoyed watching them.  Next on were These Wicked Rivers who again were good, adding a different blusier flavour to Kevfest and a vocalist who had an Eddie Vedder style sound to him.  Nice one guys…


It fell to Jester to close the Friday night show with a storming headline set, lots of classics in there and Rainbow’s “Stargazer” was a sure stand out track.  Fantastic night all in all………….


Saturday began with On The Brink who showed off their abilities with two great vocalists in the ranks and a very enthusiastic Bass player who was leaping all over the place.  Great band to watch.  Next up was The Black What Nothing from Leicester.  Playing some well penned originals and mixing in some very well executed covers, they were very well received and a really nice bunch of people.


After this Stagefright were next up.  Boasting a new drummer who really impressed the audience and fellow bands alike, she pounded through each tune like she had been playing with the band for years!  Excellent performance there Paris, you can hold your head up high knowing that you absolutely smashed it!!  The rest of Stagefright were also brilliant as always.


We set our gear up for the headline slot and were pleased to see plenty of audience still left who were up for more.  As soon as we kicked off the place was jumping.  It certainly felt good being back onstage after the Christmas break and just as good seeing everyone was enjoying themselves, that’s all you can ask for really. 


From our perspective Kevfest VII was a roaring success with a top effort from everyone involved and Battle Batten will receive a weighty cheque to the tune of £2113.42 to help in the fight against that awful disease.  Thanks to all who came and donated and hopefully you chucked some money at Ted with his Air Ambulance stall.

Next up is The Greyhound in Beeston,  it’s been a while but we are looking forward to tearing up the place again and hope to see as many there as possible…… See you round the bar!!