20th Dec - The Chequers Inn - Hucknall + Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Exhibit A - Bring on 2015!!!!!!

What a hell of a party!!!!  


Hucknall was in fine form and partying hard in the Chequers this Saturday.  It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces and lots of new ones too.  The place seemed to be packed out from start to finish.


Glenn had his Santa suit on and we rolled out the tunes one after another, squeezing in White Christmas and of course the X Factor smasher and No.1 Killing in the Name, the set seemed to fly by for us even though a healthy 2 hrs 45mins.


Thanks to the other local bands for being there and showing their support, the Jester boys were in and Stagefright, Jinx even got up and did a number with us and the audience loved it.


Thanks to Chequers for hosting and keeping the beer flowing and the public in high spirits, as ever we had a great time in there.


As our outro tape suggests....."Thats all folks"........but not for long.  We are back on the 31st of Jan to play Kevfest VII, 2015's event is over 2 days and only £10 for a weekend ticket to see all these bands is a bargain.

What a great year 2014 has been, thanks to all who have come and seen us do our thing and party hard, it's been an absolute pleasure to be a part of all of the rallies and parties and we can't wait for the sun to poke it's head out again so we can all converge on a field somewhere and turn up to eleven!!!


Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all from Exhibit A, see you all soon!

Next Gig - Chequers Bar - Hucknall + Tap N Tumbler Bah Humbug Xmas Bash Review

Friday nights in Nottingham and there is only one place we'd want to be and a lot of like minded folks seem to agree.  The Tap 'N' Tumbler has the most electrifying atmosphere and even when we are in there as punters to watch another act doing their thing we can feel it.  But from the other side of the monitors and the house PA there is a feeling generated that money can't really is the best to look out upon a crowd of people who are having an awesome time and really getting in to what we as five people are trying to get across.  There is a connection that we feel with every single one and it truly is a special place to play.


Craig even joined us and played Pretty Vacant and Rosalie and gave Chris a rare break in which to show off some epic tambourine skills where normally a guitar solo would reside!!  Craig and the team at the Tap 'N' Tumbler, we take our (Santa) hats off to you and long may your reign continue, thanks again for a brilliant night and we return there in March...


Next up is our homecoming gig.  It's been a bit of a tradition to play our Christmas do at the Chequers in Hucknall.  Last year we had a blast and it was great to see all of our old friends and some new ones letting their hair down and having a good old drink and a party, we ourselves get a rare one where we are all able to drink due to the main man Big Don Fletcher, who very kindly drives the van for us.


It's going to be rounding off what has been an exciting and fun year for us as a band,  this line-up is by far the strongest and an absolute pleasure to be a part of.  New gig dates are now available for your perusal (there's some big ones in there!!!!)   So come down to Chequers this Saturday and help us round off 2014 in style!!



12th Dec - TNT - Tap N Tumbler, Nottingham + Kingswood Tavern Review

Despite the best efforts of the Highways Agency, Exhibit A landed on time and raring to go for the Kingswood Tavern show. 


In recent weeks our mixing desk has thrown up a few gremlins making it a pain in the rear end for Glenn to set up and get it how we like, but after a week in Gez's living room and being tucked in and kissed goodnight, she responded favourably and worked without issue.  Obviously doesn't like the cold weather!!


So after setting up the lights, PA and backline we discovered another niggle that could've spoiled the night and that was the bass guitar was not sending out a signal.  After hitting it and swearing at it a lot didn't cure the problem, the screwdrivers came out and a snapped wire was discovered.  After numerous attempts with tape failing, we managed to wedge it between the battery and the contact and hey presto!!!! Low frequencies once again...........There is a moral to this tale here somewhere (always carry a spare perhaps?????  ;-)


Straight in, full tilt, no messing and we were off.  Our second song of the night was a new one, another AC/DC number to our repatoire in the form of some Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, and it was brilliant if we do say so ourselves....But it needs to be heard to be believed SO GET TO OUR NEXT GIG AND WE'LL PLAY IT FOR YOU!!!!!!


Also the extension of our silly section of our set seems to be going down well so we may find that will hang around for a bit....can't wait to see that at the rallies next year!! 


All in all a thoroughly enjoyable night and the good music loving folks at the Kingswood Tavern gave us some lovely feedback, we shall return there in 2015!!


Next's only the awesome TAP N TUMBLER-TNT in Nottingham!!!!


So this coming Friday, the 12th of December, in the year of our Lord 2014 AD, get yourselves there for the fun and frolics that can always be found when the magic combination of the Tap N Tumbler and Exhibit A are mixed together.


As their motto states...."it's only rock n roll, but we f#*king well love it!!!"

6th Dec - Kingswood Tavern - Nuneaton + The party and Vale Social Club Review

Friday the 28th we played for a private party and had a great time.  Sadly, we should have considered hiring a couple of Sherpas to drag our PA equipment up the slippery fire escape steps but as ever, we soldiered on and did it ourselves.  That’s why we all have such sculpted physiques, no gym memberships required in this band! 


The birthday girl Michelle had a great party and was pleased to see that it was us that had come to play.  A great stage and a very appreciative audience made it a pleasure.   The route back down was just as precarious if not more so after it had been raining outside, but we got everything back down safely.


The night after we were at the Vale Social Club at Colwick.  Upon arrival (no stairs!!) we went to the bar and the juke box was playing hits from Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and others of a similar ilk.  We set up and got our PA pumping out the AC/DC and Rainbow, some glances were coming across from the locals. 


Not sure how this gig was going to play out......  We shouldn’t have worried though because as usual, song after song, more and more people were getting up to dance to us and we were told after it was the busiest the place had been on a Saturday for quite a while. Also the regulars apparently have been known to boo some bands off, a tradition we are pleased to say was quite the opposite with the calls for “MORE” ringing out several times.  We even squeezed a Christmas number in as they had their decorations up!


All in all a great weekend, next up is the Kingswood Tavern.  Always a great place to play and we’ll hopefully see some familiar and new faces on Saturday the 6th.   See you there!!!

29th Nov - Vale Social Club - Colwick + The Chequers Inn Breaston Review

The return to Chequers Inn at Breaston proved to be a sucessful one.  It has become a great venue to watch live music at, with a nice pint and smart surroundings, Katie and Duncan have done a great job since taking over in June.


We were running like a well-oiled machine when it came to loading in and setting up and with a slick soundcheck we were raring to go.  So with the intro tape playing we took to the stage without the aid of any smoke (Gez felt a bit lost without it!) and then launched in to the old familiar Beastie Boys number we do.


We struggled at first get our monitor levels correct so we could hear ourselves, but as ever Glenn got it sorted and we were satisfied with what the people out front were hearing too!  Playing at all of these different venues can play hell with our levels on our desk but it's always sorted out, see what we have to suffer to make sure you guys have a good time!!??  Of course it's no problem though, we love performing for you all!


For the first time in a long while we had a break between sets and the second set was greatly received with a lot of punk injected in to it.


All in all, a great night out and the Chequers faithful all enjoyed themselves!  Nice to see Captain Smurf too, who has taken an album's worth of photos, the best of which will be added to this site and Facebook as soon as we've seen him put them up.


We have a private party on Friday the 28th but the night after is a public gig at the Vale Social Club in Colwick, it's been a LONG time since we've played here, so if you are local (and even if you're not!) get yourselves down there and rock til you drop and let us and not that twat Simon Cowell provide your Saturday night entertainment!

22nd Nov - Chequers Inn - Breaston + The Halloween Weekend Monster Bash Review

We donned the scary facepaint and costumes and set away for the Halloween Party at the Tap 'N'  Tumbler in Nottingham.  Almost three hours onstage again and what an audience!!!  As usual we were nose to nose with everyone in there and the place was heaving.  Everyone had made the effort to come in costume and were partying as hard as possible.


The surprise addition of three Halloween-y type songs went really well and we got some great response, especially from the 'Timewarp' in which everyone joined in with the signature moves and we dropped in several choruses again throughout the show.


Thoroughly brilliant from the Tap again, thanks to Craig and the team, we are already looking forward to our return in December!!!!



The night after we once again got dressed up and made our way over to the Gothic Bikers at the Staff and Sports Social Club in Shirebrook.  These are certainly a club to watch as they know how to throw a great party and every single member of the club works really hard to make sure everyone has a good time.


We were drafted in at a moments notice due to the band they had booked having a scheduling conflict and were unable to play.  Worked out in our favour though, as we had a great time at the rally in August and it was a pleasure to play for them again, even if we were a man down (Sam was unable to make it.)


We will once again be playing at the rally next summer August bank holiday, so as soon as tickets go onsale make sure to snap them up as their reputation is only building and we wouldn't want anyone to miss out!!


Thanks to Joe for having us on and to Steve and Rob for the top tunes for the rest of the night.


Shortly we will be back at Chequers Inn at Breaston.  The last gig there was great and no doubt this time it will not disappoint either!  So we have a rare couple of weekends off and then a busy spell up to Christmas, so make sure you get out to one of our upcoming gigs!!!


Stay safe and see you soon!!!!

Halloween 2014 - The Halloween Weekend Monster Bash - 31st Oct at the Tap 'n' Tumbler/1st Nov Gothic Bikers + Sitwell Tavern Review

It started out looking like it was going to be a quiet affair with the pub going folk at the Sitwell Tavern as they all appeared to be somewhere else.  As it transpired they were all hiding in areas we couldn't see.


As soon as the opening song kicked in we had an audience round to watch us and they were certainly in the mood for it.  It ended up being a great night and thanks to Gary for having us on again, shame you couldn't be there, catch you next time.


Next up is the now legendary TNT Halloween party.  Sack Sabbath played it last year and we are looking forward to seeing the great costumes people have lined up. The Zombie surgeons from last year looked like they had just walked off a film set!


The night after you can also catch us playing the Gothic Bikers Halloween bash.  This is a last minute addition to our schedule.  The band they were due to have on unfortunately had a scheduling confilct and after how good the rally was this summer, when the Gothic Bikers approached us we couldn't refuse.


So get your scariest outfits on and come and see us this weekend at one of these great shows.  We'll even be playing a few halloween numbers. Wwwwwooooooooooooooo! (Dead scary!!)



Oct 24th - Sitwell Tavern - Sitwell Street Derby  +Gerty's Back End Review

Congratulations and thank you to Sharon.  In the years since the start of the Gerty Rallies Sharon has raised an amazing £11,500 a very impressive total and some very worthy causes have benefitted from this.  We were sad the rally is no more , but also proud to have played at all of these parties and to such great audiences.  As always we had a hell of a time, even minus a full compliment, and we hope you all did too.  We especially enjoyed watching you all dance to the suprise addition to our set, we wont say what it is until it's proper grand unveiling at the Tap N Tumbler's Halloween Party.  Along with the 2 others we are rehearsing, you've already given us a pretty good indication how they will go down!!!  Cheers...


Next up we are in Derby at the Sitwell Tavern on the 24th, a venue that does not compromise on it's live music.......Come on over and party with us.......See you at the bar...............

Sept 24th - Gerty's Back End - Breighton Ferry, Nr Selby East Yorks
Spat Out of Hull Review

Lets kick this off with some THANKS!!!  Thanks to all involved with the organising of the rally (Aidy and the East Yorks MAG), thank you to Rick Hulse and his awesome Smacked Arse Comedy Show and the NABD,  thank you to the bar staff and venue (the beer prices were great!)  Thanks to Sharon for putting us up there (we were due to be playing at her rally that night but she re-scheduled it and was there in high spirits as usual) and last of all thanks to all who came and partied with us and for basically saving the rally, it was touch and go but the great news is........there will be another 'Spat' next year!!!


The gig was great fun.  Although our line up looked a little different to usual as Glenn unfortunately couldn't make it, we still did not hold back and we were able to deliver, smashing out all of the great rock and punk classics we are known for and not giving you a chance to sit down and take a breath!!  The audience were in fine voice and partying hard, much to our delight, and we couldn't get off the stage playing a further 3 encores!!!


Phew!!!  Next up is Sharon's Gerty's Back End rally on the 11th of Oct.  Please click the link to have a look and see what it's all about.


See you all out there!!!!!


Review - UK Tour 2014 - Matlock Bath, Oxfordshire, Alfreton

This weekend’s mad gig-athon was probably the most easy going stress free 3 gigs in a row weekend we have ever done.


Friday kicked it all off with Wozwolf Cumming of Age Rally.  From the moment we arrived we were welcomed in and shown to where we needed to be, helped with our equipment and looked after very well.  The guys and gals at Wozwolf sure know how to put on a party and they certainly didn’t disappoint.  We could only reciprocate and come out to tear faces off, which of course we did, for two and a half hours.  Big thanks to Phil and Graham for doing the sound for us and sometimes leaving Glenn in the Echo Chamber!  A fantastic rally, thanks for putting us on Wozwolf, we always look forward to partying with you and hopefully see you at next years…….


Saturday we hit the road for the Autumn NABDness rally at Enstone Airfield in Oxfordshire.  As ever, with anything else Rick Hulse and the team put on it ran like clockwork and we got to see some great comedy and some awesome bands.  We had a blast on that stage and another shout out to the sound engineers for helping us to sound crystal clear and to thump people right where they like it (dirty feckers). 


Thanks to Stevie Simpson who compèred the stage we were on, an awesome musician whom we have masses of respect for, and also to 5th Element who were on after us, they had a cracking set……’s never easy following us (so we hear) and they did a grand job and put on a great show.  Also nice to see Mr Creature and his lovely wife Lynne in the big tent, spinning those great tracks and keeping the party going.   So thank you to Rick and the NABD team for having us on and we look forward to the next time!!!


Sunday, we leapt out of bed (not the same one) and after some sit ups, star jumps and some good long stretches, a swim, a mild jog and a bacon sarnie……….(all bollocks apart from the sandwich) we were again like coiled springs ready to pounce on to the stage at Party in the Park at Alfreton.  There are some very talented young local bands that are hitting the scene, some of their instruments are bigger than them, but they’re bloody good and definitely there are a few bands to keep an eye on!  We rounded the day off for them as the headline act and the people of Alfreton were treated to loads of classics and of course we played Nelly the Elephant for the little kiddies (and big kiddies).


All in all, an absolutely cracking weekend.  Once again thanks to everyone involved in putting those events on, they all work very hard so here's a shout out to you all.  Exhibit A will next appear at the Spat Out of Hull Rally on the 20th of September.  Glenn unfortunately will not be able to attend due to family commitments, so the main vocal duties will be handled by Chris.  However, fear not as he was once the frontman of a very tasty three piece rock group in Portsmouth, so the show must go on, and on it will and you’d better be ready to party, because after the weekend we’ve just had we are firing on all cylinders…………….See you there!!!

5th/6th/7th Sept - UK Tour 2014 - Matlock Bath, Oxfordshire, Alfreton

Next up it’s Exhibit A’s Big Mad Weekender Mini UK Tour!!!


First up we are with the mischievous Wozwolf MCC, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and watching our backs at that one, as they are a fun bunch but also a set of light-fingered sods who appear to have a bit of a penchant for backdrops……..


Then down to Oxfordshire for some Autumn NABDness.  Raising money for disabled bikers and helping them to get out on to the road.


Then Alfreton’s Party in the Park 2014.  We have played this event a few times now and it always draws a good crowd and should go down an absolute storm. 


After that we should be suitably knackered!!!  Really looking forward to it though.   Road Trrriiiipppppp!!!!


Review - GOTHIC BIKERS LIVING DEAD 2014 - Shirebrook, Notts

Gothic Bikers weren’t certain how their second Living Dead Rally was going to pan out as last year’s was organised quickly and with not much time for promotion.  Great news was they had TONS of people arrive for this year’s event and what a fine event it was….


Everyone was in high spirits, we got away with the weather, having only the occasional shower but it wasn’t enough to spoil the mood.  We set up and got through sound check and were raring to go. 


Launching straight into the set opener it was obvious from here on in it was going to get messy.  As the drink continued to flow and the songs progressed there was some serious moshing going on, the punk tracks went down well, as did all of them really, and some serious sweating was taking place from the audience who were working hard!!  I’m sure at one point if the room could’ve taken it, we would have had a circle pit on our hands!!


All in all, a great rally and there are already rumblings that we will be back there for next year’s, so watch this space…………….

22nd Aug - GOTHIC BIKERS LIVING DEAD 2014 - Shirebrook, Notts

The Lion in Castleford rocked!!  A lovely audience who certainly knew how to enjoy themselves and the place was heaving.  Thanks to all who came, we really enjoyed it and we will definitely return.


Next up.......Gothic Bikers Living Dead Rally 2014.  This event has gathered momentum from lots of hard work and promotion from the Gothic Bikers team and is shaping up to be a fantastic rally, click on the link for more info.


Tickets have sold very well and there is free camping, 24 hour toilet facilites, showers, catering and a whole manner of other home comforts that make camping a damnsight easier and all for £14 on the gate.


We'll be tearing it up on the first night Friday 22nd so to avoid disappointment be sure to get there as quick as you can on Friday as it'll no doubt sell out.


Who knows, you may even get a little bit more of Exhibit A on the Saturday as you have never seen us before...................Well worth a look, bust out the drinking hats and we'll see you there!!

Bit of a change around - Spat Out of Hull 2014 - Dunswell

September has had a bit of a jiggle!!  We were scheduled to be playing at Gerty's Back End Rally on the 20th of September, but due to unforeseen circumstances that has had to be re-scheduled to the 10th, 11th, 12th of October.  Have no fear though, we are still on the bill and will be performing on Saturday 11th.


Things have developed from there and we are now going to be playing at the East Yorks MAG's  'Spat Out of Hull' rally at Dene Park, Dunswell in Hull on the 20th of September instead.  This is shaping up to be a great rally with some really great bands and of course all of the usual rally shenanigans!!!


Tickets are available £12 pre-booked and £15 on the gate, so follow the above link to see where to get them from.


Sad to say the BMF Tailend Show has been cancelled this year, but who knows, hopefully they will organise another one as soon as they can.


So re-jig your diaries and add the new dates, thanks for all of your support and we'll see you out there!!!!!

16th August - The Lion - Aire Street, Castleford

All of the fine folks in the Kingswood Tavern on Friday night had a good rocking and definitely enjoyed themselves, always a good place to play and we are back there for our final visit of 2014 right at the close of the year on the 6th of December so don't forget to bring your Santa hats.


Next up we make the trip north to Castleford, West Yorkshire to play at the fine music venue, The Lion.  We haven't played this place before but it has a good reputation for live music and hopefully there'll be enough people in there to help us raise the roof off!


So this Saturday the 16th of August, come on up/down/over and party like it's illegal as we spit out the very best rock and punk this side of the equator.


See you there................

New Date 6th Sept - Autumn NABDness!!!! - Oxfordshire

We are very pleased to announce that we are playing the Saturday at the Autumn NABDness Rally.  It's a cause that we all firmly believe in and are more than willing to help out whenever we can.  John has a specially adapted bike himself, and without these adaptations he wouldn't be able to ride at all.


The NABD have helped many people with disabilities to get out on a bike and enjoy the freedom it brings.


So come on, if you weren't going before you now have another reason to get down there and join in the party, we'll be there!!!


Tickets are still available and if you're quick you will be able to get at the advanced ticket price (ends 29th August).


For all the info visit and take part in what is going to be a great rally!!!

8th August - Private Party - Secret

The private function was a surprising gig.  When the guests arrived we weren't sure whether or not they knew what we were going to serve them up once we took to the stage, but we certainly had them won over after a few nicely delivered classics.  They were up dancing for most of the night which was great to see.


The venue was a little bit more tricky.  After carting all of our gear up the fire escape stairs and setting up for a soundcheck, the power kept tripping out every time a mouse farted in the hedge across the road.  After discovering they had a decibel monitor we promptly got it switched off and we were back in business (quietly).


Big thanks goes to Ian for stepping in and playing bass for us, he did a marvellous job after literally no notice as well!  John has just undergone an operation to sort out his leg and unfortunately was not well enough to play, but he is on the mend and will be back rocking with us very soon.  Speedy recovery mate, we all love you!!


Next up is the Kingswood Tavern, always a good night, so get yourselves down there to hear some of the finest music ever created......see you there!!!!

2nd August - Private Party, Location Unknown - Somewhere

Once again the Tap N Tumbler was bouncing and the band were on fire, quite literally!!!!  It was a scorcher of a July evening and the beautiful rock loving public were out in force and ready to party.


Which of course was good news for us and right from the outset we knocked out some hard hitting rock, followed by some high energy punk and played a set right through to the finish of the night.


We are back there again for Halloween so be sure to come down and dress your best!!!


Our next gig is a private function so we cant divulge the info on where it is, but if you know already then, great.....see you there!!!!!!

25th JUly - Tap N Tumbler - Wollaton St, Nottingham

Well, what can we say about Friday 18th July at the Rock and Bike Festival.  Let's see...........It was quite simply outfrigginstanding!!!


We made a weekend of it, so were outside scratching to be let in when the site opened on Thursday and no sooner had the tents gone up and the camper handbrake applied (bloody lazy drummers) the beer was flowing and the party had begun for Gez's birthday. (Hic)


At daybreak we went for our morning jogs (yeah, right) and after a few bits of personal admin and some more birthday wishes, Julie's 30th this time, our sights were set on taking to that stage and melting faces.


The hour approached and after a few looseners it was time to get the gear out of the van and launched on to stage in record time, a quick plug in to check it all worked and in to a brief sound check.


Intro tape on.....BOOM we were up there doing what we do best and in no time flat the tent was at capacity and bouncing.  We will not forget that one in a hurry folks, you rocked!!!!


We are all still coming down from it now, a BIG thank you to the RABF team for having us on and we will hopefully be back there again.




It's the TAP 'N' Tumbler's 1st Year Anniversary with Craig at the helm!!  It has to be one of our favourite places to play and he and his team are doing an immense job of running the place which has gone from strength to strength.  Come down and show 'em some love, it's going to be one hell of a party and who else to provide the music but Exhibit A??  WEEEEEEEE'RRREEE GOIN DOWN THE PUUUBBB!!!!!!


You'd have to be stark raving looney bonkers to miss this one!!!!!



18th July - ROCK AND BIKE FESTIVAL 2014!!! - South Normanton

A cracking gig at the Unwanted's Cock Out Rally, albeit a hot one!


Well the big weekend is upon us. ROCK AND BIKE FEST 2014 is set to be a storming gig and we will be marauding around on the 2nd Stage between 9:30 and 10:30pm on Friday 18th.


Trying to squeeze an Exhibit A show in to an hour set is going to be tricky, but rest assured if you try to come up for breath between songs, we are going to hit you with more rock and punk at high energy and you'll be partied out by the finish. Break out the tents, it's going to be an awesome weekend!!!!

11th July - Unwanted Mcc Cock Out Rally - Burton Upon Trent

Awesome night at the Anchor Inn at Friskney. Kat, Trish, John and all of the other folks celebrating a birthday hopefully had a great time, we know we did and we gave a full on stonking performance if we do say so ourselves!

Next up on Friday 11th of July is the Unwanted MCC's Cock Out Rally at Burton on Trent, Staffs, DE14 2BB. If you haven't already got yourselves a ticket, grab one quick (if there are any left) and come and party with us, as it's sure to be a belter!


More info can be found at

5th July - The Anchor Inn - Friskney Lincs

We are back at Friskney to play the Anchor Inn for our second visit of the year.  Last time the good folks who were in there certainly knew how to enjoy themselves and rocked  to everything we had to belt out.


Now the weather has improved why not come over, party with us and spend the night on the campsite offered by the pub, so you can enjoy a good drink without the worry of a journey home and enjoy the full throttle rock and punk that we will be serving up all night long.  See you there!!!

28th June - Private Party  - We could tell you, but we'd have to kill you

Chequers Inn at Breaston was a lot of fun and everyone who was in there just to wait for the England match to start were all fully rock and punk converts by the time we left the stage.  We are returning there in November, date to follow.


Next up is a private party at a top secret just never know where we may pop up next....unless we tell you.....which we usually do....


Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors................


Opening Night - The Chequers  - Breaston

That's right, you're not seeing double!  We are playing another Chequers the week after the last one!?  This one is in Breaston, Beeston's tribute act, and we are looking forward to hopefully seeing plenty of people in there for the pub's opening night.


Those who attend may even hear a number that has only stretched it's legs live once with the band so far and although it's been harder than trying to nail jelly to a tree, we can pull feats of such wonder off!!


So pin your ears back, get yourselves a beer and come out to party with us, you know it makes sense...........

Glenn's Birthday - Top Night, Top Audience
2015 gig already confirmed - KEVFEST 2015

After a great gig at the Sitwell Tavern in Derby (thanks to all who came) we returned to Chequers in Hucknall for the first time since our hugely enjoyable Xmas party gig.  This time however it was for our resident microphone abuser's birthday, and oh boy did we have a good time, especially Glenn!!


The birthday boy was treated to balloons, a cake, being seranaded by the wonderful folks who were in that night and also being covered in silly string.  We enjoyed it so much we even did one extra song after our usual big ender (oo-er).


Packing down the gear at the end of the night was an emotional and confusing affair, but nonetheless we made it.


Summer is now in full swing........we are all fighting fit and ready to kick ass and for the foreseeable future we are out nearly every weekend so now is the time to catch an Exhibit A show if ever there is one (which is every time..... why not come to all of our shows!!) 




It's our great pleasure to announce we are confirmed on the bill for Kevfest 2015 in Hucknall.  Saturday 31st of January is the day we are playing as he event is now over two days!!  Awesome stuff just over £1400 was raised by the event this year and hopefully that will get smashed next year.


Keep an eye on their Facebook page for further updates!!!

Trikes R Us - Huge Thanks


Trikes R Us welcomed us with open arms and were soon up occupying the dance floor and having a damn good party in front of us which is all we can ask for really.  So they got it good and hard with tracks by AC/DC, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Sex Pistols, Ramones and so on and what not...... it was a fine gig.





Next up, not as far to travel, we pop across to Derby in a return to the Sitwell Tavern.  As usual we'll be straight in at full tilt, dishing up the best that rock, metal and punk have to offer.  Get yourelves across............and bring your dancing shoes.....

Cambridgeshire calling - TRIKEFEST 2014 - Trikes R Us

This coming weekend is set to be a ROAD TRIP down to Ely in Cambridgeshire to play at Trikefest 2014 for the Trikes R Us Rally.  We are ready to go again after a short break for the band to squeeze some little holidays in and recharge the batteries ready to come out swinging for the summer gigs, we have ourselves a busy summer full of great rallies and some up close and personal rock venues that will surely satisfy any lover of rock and punk music.


You might as well attend as many as possible, coz they're all great fun anyway!!!


See you all out there.................................................................Yippeeeee!!!!!


The Slappers N Trollops are getting ready for their rally this weekend and we'll be there on Friday 25th at the Breighton Ferry to rock all in attendance!  They are raising funds for the Air Ambulance Service, a worthy cause that we all hope we'll never need to use and that do outstanding work as we're sure you'll agree, so dig DEEP!!!


The night after that we head over to Lincolnshire to kick everyone's arses who happen to be at the Anchor Inn in Friskney.  It is always a stonking place to play and no doubt the beer will be flowing that night, so you have TWO chances to catch us in one weekend you lucky buggers!!!! Get your party heads on, coz it's going to be mental!!!!!


We can safely say, without doubt, that the Tap 'N' Tumbler had their socks well and truly rocked off!!!  It was packed as usual and the audience members were treated to four new songs and over a 3 hour set!!!  Phew.......we told you we'd come back to kick your arses!!  Thanks to Craig and the team at the Tap and we are looking forward to a further 3 shows there this year.


Next gig is for the Dregs MCC at the Meadow Club in Nottingham.  We are there to celebrate Gary's 50th birthday and will be ensuring that the place is bouncing.  Tickets are £5 and their website can be viewed here.  Everyone is welcome to purchase a ticket and come along and join in the festivities.......See you at the bar...............

Mr Creature's Birthday - A HUGE THANKS!!!

We had a blast playing at Mr Creature's birthday bash and together we rocked Old Nick's like only we can.  On the night £90 was raised for NABD, so thanks to all who donated.


Friday 28th March we return to the Tap 'N' Tumbler!!!!!  We are raring to go, new songs are in the set and we all can't wait to party with you. So get ready, we are coming for ya!!!!  ARE YOU READY FOR A F***ING PARRRTTTTYYYY???????

25th Feb More dates confirmed - BMF TAILEND SHOW

With March on the horizon and fast approaching we are fine tuning the new songs at rehearsals and getting revved up ready to come out all guns blazing and kick off our 2014 gig calendar!!


We have also been confirmed on the bill at the BMF Tailend Show in September at Peterborough Arena/Showground.  Tickets are available from so be sure to swing by and grab yourselves some before they all go.

Rock and Bike Festival tickets are on sale and are still at the early bird price so make sure to make space in your diaries and get yourselves there!!  All info can be found at and so far we have been the most checked out band according to their hit counter, so many thanks for that!!


Keep rocking and you'll all be partying with us very soon!!



We are happy to announce that we have been confirmed for Friday's line up at this years Rock N Bike Festival held at Carnfield Hall in South Normanton Derbyshire.  Chris attended this prestigious event last year and it was a blast!  We are going to take the roof off the tent!!   Stand by for futher details of times etc!!

Tickets are available now @

Whistle Wetting, Jamming, Ideas-a-Plenty!! - NEW SONGS IN SET

A quick catch up to wet your appetites!!  We are currently in the process of trying out lots of new material,  exciting stuff that will guarantee to have you pumping your fists, banging your heads and jumping around like lunatics!!!  Just like we love to see you all do..........A few more gig dates have been added and we still have a few 'irons in the fire' and plenty more bookings to firm up, so keep those eyes peeled and check back at this site for developments as they unfold.


Curry night was a resounding success resulting in a few more potential songs and some quite 'socially confused' band members, so you can rest assured the job was done right!  We are all itching to get out and play live again and if anyone does wish to make a short notice booking for February, you can reach us using the contacts page, or alternatively you can email and there's always the good old fashioned method of a chinwag over the blower, any is fine with us.  See you all out there REAL soon!!

Happy Xmas and New Year!!

A great night was had at the Tap N Tumbler on Fri 20th Dec,  playing to a packed bar who lapped it up and even landlord Craig guested on "Pretty Vacant" and did a fine job.

Next up was our home gig at Chequers in Hucknall on the 21st to round off what has been a great year for us.  Now boasting our strongest line up yet, 2014 is set to be a corker of a year for Exhibit A!!