Glenn Henson - Frontman/Lead Vocals
Glenn Henson - Frontman/Lead Vocals

Glenn Henson - Vocals
Glenn Henson - Vocals

John Cunliffe - Bass Demon
John Cunliffe - Bass Demon

Glenn Henson - Frontman/Lead Vocals
Glenn Henson - Frontman/Lead Vocals

7th June 2021 - Update - What's coming up

Hi all, we hope you are all doing well.

Well it's all been a bit bloody boring really, hasn't it?  Hopefully there is good things on the horizon.

The website has been updated with our gigs we have booked in.  As things stand, we are looking to start contacting people to book gigs for 2022 around September time this year, but we are open for bookings for the rest of this year if you do want to get in touch for your event. 

Our one rehearsal so far has gone really well (so we haven't forgotten how to do it :) ) and there are more pencilled in before we take to the stage on 24th July to Headline Saturday night at Leathered in Lincoln rally.

Grab your tickets for that and Gothic Bikers rally in August and come and have a much needed blow-out with ourselves and other great bands providing the soundtrack \m/ \m/

It can't come quick enough!!!

JUL 24

LEATHERED IN LINCOLN -  Halfway Heroes MCC RALLY,  Carbourne Parva, Caistor, Lincolnshire LN7 6DR

AUG 13

GOTHIC UPRISING RALLY 2021 -  Sherbrooke Scout Camp, Mansfield Lane, Calverton, Notts  NG14 6HP



JAN 22


You'll Know When We Do - This is pants

Well this is a sorry state of affairs, isn't it!?

Its been almost a full year since we last played live at The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood.  A lot has changed since then for everyone.

Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and we are all praying to the gods of rock that we can at least at some point this year, return to live gigs and socialising with friends in pubs, venues and rallies.

Keep smiling folks, it hopefully wont be forever.

We will return, and you can be sure it'll be one hell of a release when everyone can get back to living again!!!

We wish you well and hope to see you all soon.

Take care folks

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.